iBeer app creator earned $20,000 a day

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 26, 2022
Updated 2022/01/26 at 1:32 AM

The first memory I have of one iPhone (apart from the news about the new smartphone) is from a cousin showing the app iBeer. She had just returned from living abroad and bought the device out there. For me, being able to use funny apps like iBeer (I must have been 14 at the time) was the most sensational thing about the “future of cell phones“. For the creator of app, The iBeer it was a sip of money in the account.

When the iPhone was wild and there was no App Store

THE App Store was only launched in 2008, a year after the iPhone. So how did people download the apps? Hey, don’t download! except with jailbreak, clear. Steve Sheraton, at the time a magician who lived on friends’ couch, published a video “drinking” beer for the iPhone. The trick was done by a video he sold (for $2.99) to his co-workers. The magic needed to be synchronized with the video to give the effect of having “drank” the beer. Watch the video that changed the magician’s life.

With the success of the video and the App Store “in gestation”, Sheraton was called by Steve Jobs to produce a application of iBeer for iPhone. THE app was one of the originals App Store and sold for the same $2.99 ​​as the video. The magician set up the company hottrix to develop the iBeer, which in its first version allowed choosing the “brand” of the beer. In an interview for Mel Magazine, Sheraton told that he earned 20 thousand dollars a day at the height of the application. Today he lives on a farm in Spain with his family and raises apps for magicians.

iPhone accelerometer gave “life” to the app

One of the reasons for app to have been so successful is that he used the accelerometer of the iPhone, one of the novelties that the apple presented to smartphones and is present in all devices of today. With this functionality, the virtual beer gained “physical”: you “spilled” the iPhone and the liquid was drunk. He shook his cell phone and created foam. Of course, there are much more useful programs to show how important an accelerometer is in a smartphone, but it is curious as a app play was one of the most popular in the early days of a cell revolutionary like the iPhone.


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Via: The Verge Source: Honey Magazine

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