If you want to remove text from images, PowerToys bring Windows the ideal option for OCR

Deepak Gupta August 19, 2022
Updated 2022/08/19 at 11:59 PM

Microsoft has prepared some important and very interesting tools for Windows very discreetly. They reinforce what this system offers and extend even more what your system can offer.

To show this, we have the PowerToys, which bring together a varied and very focused offer. These tools are about to gain a very important extra. We are talking about an OCR tool, to extract text from images and other files.




The proposals that PowerToys currently have make them an almost mandatory option to have on Windows. The features are many and cover areas where Microsoft had no presence or solution for users.

With constant developments, it has received news that help users even more in their daily lives and in their tasks. It covers different and totally disruptive areas, guaranteeing an even important help in the security and privacy of users.

The latest proposal to be presented will help users to capture text from all images that are in the system. It's an OCR tool and it will be extremely simple to use, like all other PowerToys proposals.

PowerToys Microsoft Windows OCR Text

As can be seen in the image above, to use this future PowerToys novelty, it will be enough to draw the space where you want to remove the text. The OCR will work automatically and can be pasted into any app as other text that has been copied.

There is still no date for the arrival of this novelty, but the works can be accompanied directly on the GitHub of this tool. Soon there will certainly be news and also the possibility of testing this novelty in the test versions of PowerToys.

This will certainly be one of the most interesting news in recent times for PowerToys. It will give Windows a tool that we often have through external tools and that are not always completely reliable. With this proposal from Microsoft, everything is open and the code can be seen on GitHub.

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