Inflate tire and empty bladder: Strava adds points of interest to your map

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 13, 2022
Updated 2022/01/13 at 7:59 PM

THE technology became a friend of those who do physical activities. If you have one smartwatch or smartband, you’ve definitely monitored your heart rate, even if you’re stopped at home. But these devices it also has “telemetry” functions for cyclists or runners, showing data like speed and distance traveled (to stay with the basics). Generally, the user also uses the Strava.

Strava now shows points of interest on the map

In its latest update, the app to monitor physical activities brought a very useful tool for those who are out of the house running or cycling. THE Strava now shows brings the tool to find points of interest on the map. Did you hit hunger in the middle of the way? Do you need to go to the bathroom but can’t bear to cross and go up Hercílio Luz (speaking from experience)? Did you run out of water in the bottle? You will no longer need to open a Google Maps to find a gas station that has a toilet, water and air pump to inflate the tire. Just open the Strava.

Bathroom, coffee shop, market and bike shop can all be viewed on the Strava map.

The update of Strava differs from the points of interest of applications such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze for being focused for cyclists and runners. All these other map apps are geared towards anyone with a car (even if you’re not in a car). Furthermore, the Strava will not turn into a map app, it just brings a points of interest functionality to your audience.

According to the company’s website, these points of interest are generated using OpenStreetMap. They are using the data they have from the places that are most popular with their users. “Some places will be shown in favor of others based on how popular they are with our community,” the company says on its blog.

This tool is available to all users, subscribers or not. The difference is that whoever signs the Strava you can make routes by selecting to pass through the points of interest and departure.


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Source: Strava

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