Inspired by Toy Story: Watch the official trailer for Pixar’s Lightyear animation

Deepak Gupta February 9, 2022
Updated 2022/02/09 at 2:36 AM

Toy Storywith its remarkable characters, has been part of the childhood of countless people since it debuted – in 1995. Over the years, we received great sequels, and in the not too distant past, we had a satisfying ending with the fourth edition – released in cinemas in 2019.

This time the Pixar decided to take advantage of the origin of Buzz Lightyear to tell new stories within the same universe shared by the toys. The adventures will take place with the “real” character that inspired the well-known doll in the main franchise.

Check the latest dubbed trailerreleased today:

Changes from the original version

In the version with the original language, in English, the classic voice actor. Tim Allenwas replaced by Chris Evans – face known for playing the capital america at the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The veteran of Brazilian dubbing, Guilherme Briggswho also voiced the charismatic toy in the main timeline films, will not be part of this project.

The reaction on social media was mixed. Some viewers were disappointed, as Briggs participated in all previous editions that had the presence of lightyear; however, others found the proposal coherent, because even Allen’s American voice was replaced in his homeland.

As this title will be with “the real person behind the puppet”, these changes are, in some ways, understandable.

Duda Espinoza, the national voice of Chris Evans in many films, will play the lead role. The idea will be exactly the same as the one implemented in the United States, and this differentiated approach to the character will be followed exactly in the Brazilian version.

The premiere is still scheduled for the day June 16. The director will Angus MacLanewho worked with the animation team on Toy Story 2 and 3and also in other major titles, such as Insect’s life.


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