Instagram creates space for banners in the profiles of content creators

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 28, 2022
Updated 2022/01/28 at 7:45 AM

Adam Mosseriboss of InstagramI publish more news that will be added in the social network. Of course, these new tools aim to strengthen the platform as “influencer-friendly” and undermine the rival’s use Tik Tok. The biggest update for this audience is the addition of a space for banners on the content creators’ profile, so it will be possible to announce the date of lives directly on the account.

Instagram focusing on videos for 2022

The company has already announced that its focus this year is on videos and reels. So the company tries to take influencers out of TikTok. The function of banner at the Instagram will help content creators get more engagement on their lives. In addition to being able to schedule broadcasts, they will now be able to use the banners so that followers know about upcoming lives and activate a notification when clicking on the ad. There will be no limits on live appointments.

THE remixa copy of another tool from the TikTokwas taken to the “normal use” of the Instagram. The functionality that is basically to “react” others reels can now be used to react on any video posted on Instagramas long as the account is not private.

2022 full of news on Instagram

This year Instagram started testing its new types of feed with users. The test gives the user the option to view three different feeds: Home, Favorites and Following. All chosen from a button on the app’s home screen. the feed home is the current model, based on the social network algorithm. THE favorites will give you the option to save accounts as favorites (as the name says), either from best friends or favorite content creators. So this favorites feed will show you the selected images from that group. already the Following it’s not a song by Raimundos but it’s the most requested: it’s the chronological feed. You will see the images in the application in order of posting. That simple. But Instagram thought this was bad for “hiding” “good” content from the user.

10 influencers on Instagram also received the subscription service test on the platform, similar to what happens on YouTube and Twitch. Anyone who subscribes to any account will win exclusive services such as: lives, stories for subscribers (totally different from “best friends) and a special seal next to the name when commenting on publications or sending a direct message. In 2023 Instagram should end the full payment of subscription to content creators, keeping a percentage. At the moment, the idea of ​​the social network is to help influencers earn money through the platform.


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