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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 15, 2022
Updated 2022/01/15 at 3:47 PM

Unfortunately, you can Instagram not even them change font, but fortunately the app still supports other fonts. However, this does not always work smoothly, which is why we reveal what you should pay attention to.

Change the font on Instagram: Here’s how

Since the invention of typography, people have been enthusiastic about different font styles and often cannot agree on which is better. All the better that the internet makes it possible to choose your favorite font style and use it on social media. The number of fonts compatible with Instagram is still quite a bit smaller than the selection of fonts in Word.

To change the font in your bio or caption on Instagram, you need to visit one of the following external websites. Good examples are the font generator, and After you have called up one of the two, you only have to enter your desired text in the empty field. On the right side your saying, word or name will appear in a variety of fonts. The last two pages also offer the option to design your own font at the bottom.

Once you have connected it and are satisfied, you can simply copy the text. Now open Instagram, click on “Edit Profile” and change the font by clicking on “Insert”.

Two examples of what “futurezone” can look like on Instagram. Credit: future zone / screenshot

Caution: You should do this now

As already mentioned, not every font is compatible with Instagram or every operating system. For example, if you have an iPhone and the font in your bio looks good, chances are it will on all other iPhones too. However, we recommend that you still view your biography from an Android smartphone, because errors often occur here. Due to the different operating systems, fonts in particular are played out very differently from time to time.

And did you know that other people’s Instagram stories can also be saved? To protect your account, you should also change your password on Instagram from time to time.

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