Instagram Search: Quickly find posts and accounts

Deepak Gupta February 19, 2022
Updated 2022/02/19 at 11:26 AM

Instagram is teeming with posts and accounts with a wide variety of content. If you want to find a specific post, there are different ways to be successful Instagram search.

Instagram search for profiles and pictures

Probably the most common Instagram search is via the magnifying glass icon in the taskbar. There is now a search bar at the top that you simply have to click on. You can either search specifically for people, hashtags or music. It’s also possible to search for “Barcelona,” for example, and see all posts from that place. If you are looking for a public figure or a company, you can see from the blue check mark that this is the official account.

How the search bar works on Instagram. © future zone / Screenshot

Instagram: Search for pictures you’ve looked at once

Sometimes you find something on Instagram particularly funny, entertaining or informative and want to show someone the post. But then it quickly happens that the picture has disappeared from the timeline and you can no longer find it. But there is still hope of finding the picture again.

First of all, ask yourself whether you liked the picture, i.e. marked it with “Like”. You can easily check this by going to the settings. Then click Account, then click Posts You Like. This is where all the pictures you’ve hearted lately are displayed in chronological order.

Search for posts you’ve liked from settings. © future zone / Screenshot

Save pictures so you never have to search again

Instagram search can become very annoying if you’re not subscribed to the associated account or don’t remember the account name. But you can avoid this for the future, since Instagram has also had the save function for some time. In addition to the “Like, comment and share” bar under an image, there is always some kind of bookmark icon that you can click on. This way you save the picture for a later moment and can easily find it again at any time. If you often save pictures, you can also create extra albums (e.g. “Tattoos” and “Recipes”) for them.

Here you will find your saved posts. © future zone / Screenshot

Conclusion: Many different options make the search easier

Great content is often lost in the sea of ​​images and videos, but it’s often worth looking for. Once you know the Instagram search works, it is not difficult to find the respective post. By the way, it is also possible to hide the likes of others or your own Instagram likes. You can also use Instagram without registering, but then you have to accept restrictions.

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