Instagram starts subscription trials for content creators

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 20, 2022
Updated 2022/01/20 at 2:34 AM

THE Instagram in 2022 he has more tests than a teenager who dreams of being a football player and has no IQ (who to indicate) in the basic categories. Okay, not so much. Jokes aside, after releasing the tests of the new types of feed, increase the time limit of videos in stories and announce its focus on reels, a Mark Zuckerberg’s social network opened the public trials of its subscription service to influencers.

Instagram subscription released for 10 content creators

Until next year (2023), all content creators will receive the full amount paid by subscribers. Prices can range from 99 cents to $99.99 per month. However, a very exclusive group of content creators was chosen for this first phase of testing, which we can call alpha. The news was announced in November. Check out:

  • @alanchikinchow: actor and influencer
  • @sedona._: basketball player
  • @alizakelly: astrologer
  • @kelseylynncook: actress
  • @elliottnorris: content creator
  • @jordanchiles: gymnast
  • @jackjerry: gymnast
  • @bunnymichael: spiritual coach
  • @donalleniii: Extended Reality Professional (XR)
  • @lonnieiiv: content creator

Source: Disclosure/Instagram.

“Okay, and what do subscribers get out of this?”

Anyone who subscribes to any account will win exclusive services such as: lives, stories for subscribers (totally different from “best friends) and a special seal next to the name when commenting on publications or sending a direct message. Subscriber comments will appear first in posts. In 2023 the Instagram must close the full payment of the subscription to the content creators, leaving a percentage, At this moment, the idea of social network is to help the influencers earn money through the platform. YouTube, Twitch are some examples of social networks that have a subscription system that helps content creators monetize your service by delivering extra to subscribers.


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Source: Tech Crunch

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