Instagram stories repeating constantly? Find out how to solve the problem!

Deepak Gupta June 16, 2022
Updated 2022/06/16 at 5:48 PM

If you are an Instagram user, you must be tired of seeing the stories of the people you follow. This is because the social network was, for a few days now, repeating user content.

This story problem has already been solved by the platform and, in the article, we show you how to stop this loop.

Everyone noticed and it is possible that it left many users unhappy. For a few days now, the stories of the Instagram are with a global flaw and, for that reason, the users have been forced to see the repeated contents.

It's not your fault! In fact, the social network has already reported the bug that has been reported by users since Monday. This problem results in the stories returning to the first one published, as if it had not yet been seen, forcing the user to go through all the stories again until reaching the effectively new one(s).

For content shared by influencers or creators, for example, this story bug was getting annoying.

Instagram has already provided a solution

Aware of this situation, Instagram has been trying to solve the problem for a few days now. The solution has now arrived in the form of a social network update. To get rid of it, users should update Instagram to version 239.2 on iOSor in androidwhich arrives for “bug fixes and performance improvements”.

To confirm that the update has taken place, on iOS, go to Settings > General > Storage > Instagram; on Android, to Settings > Apps > Instagram. In both operating systems, check the last registered version at the bottom of the page.

Update on iOS

This isn't the first time Instagram stories have looped, however this time it seems to have affected more users and for longer.

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