Instagram will allow organizing the order of profile pictures

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 11, 2022
Updated 2022/01/11 at 6:22 PM

THE Instagram seems to be following a path of pleasing its users. After announcing the return of chronological feed, a social network can launch the option to edit the order of the photo grid in the profile. The functionality was found by leaker and developer Alessandro Paluzzi, which “leaks” several novelties through the method of reverse engineering in the code of the application.

Most “Beautiful” Instagram and organized “feed”

you know those people extremely boring who post three photos with the same color palette to keep the “feed organized”? Or do you remember when companies posted cropped photos so users could go to the company profile to see the full picture? Because this — possible — new functionality of the Instagram it will be very useful for those who (still) do these types of publications.

When accessing a profile on Instagram we always see three columns of photos (see the first image below) that we will call grid (feed is the home page where you see the content of the followers). The moment a user posts a single photo, he ends up cluttering his grid. In the case of a company that made a promotional image, one of these divisions, a subsequent publication already disorganizes the image. the discovery of Alessandro Paluzzi would resolve the organization of grid of user, as well as adding a new customization to the accounts.

Source: DesignTop/Pinterest and Alessandro Paluzzi/Twitter

THE leaker Alessandro Paluzzi I also found the code Instagram to widget account exchange in iOS.

Chronological feed and favorites are the next news on Instagram

Whether the grid edit will be released or not remains to be seen. But of course, only the new ones feed. Last week, the Instagram started testing its new types of feed with users. The test gives the user the option to view three different feeds: Home, Favorites and Following. All chosen from a button on the app’s home screen. The Home feed is the current model, based on the social network. THE favorites will give you the option to save accounts as favorites (as the name says), either from best friends or favorite content creators. So this favorites feed will show you the selected images from that group. already the Following it’s not Raimundos’ song, but it’s the most requested: he’s the chronological feed. You will see the images in the application in order of posting. That simple. But Instagram thought this was bad for “hiding” “good” content from the user.

If Instagram launch the option to edit the grid, it will be easier for Seu Madruga to organize your profile with your color palette.


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