Intel CEO visited TSMC to ensure greater capacity in the production of its chips

Deepak Gupta April 10, 2022
Updated 2022/04/10 at 1:47 PM

Although, at first glance, we thought that Intel and TSMC would be strong rivals, since they are both chipmakers, the truth is that, more and more, we are witnessing greater cooperation and partnership between technological brands instead of a negative rivalry.

In this way, we recently learned that the Core processor company would use the Taiwanese manufacturer for the development of some of its components. And now, according to the latest information, Intel has visited TSMC in order to ensure that there is room on the production lines to manufacture its chips.

Intel visits TSMC to secure chip production

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is the largest and currently the most important semiconductor manufacturer in the world, being responsible for the manufacture of components for some of the most important technology brands, such as Apple, Nvidia and AMD. And its popularity continues to increase, consequently leading other names to want their products to be produced by the Taiwanese company.

As such, Intel also opted for the Asian manufacturer for the production of some equipment. And last Thursday (7), CEO Pat Gelsinger even paid a visit to TSMC to have a face-to-face meeting with the main executives of the Taiwanese brand.

According to information provided by the DigiTimes, Intel's visit had as main objective to guarantee the possible reservations for the production line of 7 nm chips, among other components. The website indicates that this is part of Intel's strategy to guarantee the defined release deadlines, as well as to achieve certain objectives of its business plan.

According to what is known, the production of the new Intel Arc Alchemist graphics cards will already depend on the capacity of TSMC. But the details also indicate that Gelsinger's visit was not focused on traditional GPUs and CPUs, but rather on the more mature nodes that are used in the server segment.

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