Intel Meteor Lake CPUs will exceed 6.50 GHz with the same consumption as Alder Lake

Deepak Gupta June 12, 2022
Updated 2022/06/12 at 11:47 AM

Intel has released its new 12th generation Alder Lake processors. However, the Californian manufacturer is already thinking about the next generation and the following, namely the Intel Core Meteor Lake.

And according to the recent information that has now been revealed, Intel Meteor Lake CPUs can manage to exceed 6.50 GHz with the same consumption as current generation processing chips.

Intel Meteor Lake can exceed 6.50 GHz with Alder Lake consumption

news information were released on the social network Twitter about an Intel Meteor Lake processor for laptops. The data, revealed through images, show the internal design of the chip and these details should only be presented next week, during the IEEE VLSI Symposium 2022 event.

14th Gen Intel Meteor Lake design

The information shows one of the high-performance 14th generation Intel Core processor models for laptops, built on the basis of Intel 4 manufacturing, which kick-starts the Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC's 7nm process. And the data shows that, compared to the current Intel 7 process, with 10nm lithography, the California manufacturer will be able to increase the frequencies of its processors by up to 20% without increasing energy consumption, compared to current generation Alder Lake CPUs.

Therefore, several sources indicate that the chips will be able to reach higher frequencies. And, in this way, it may be possible to see frequencies above 6.00 GHz in the future through air cooling. And also in the images we can see that there is also mention of an extra 5% improvement in performance at high frequencies.

Therefore, Intel Core Meteor Lake can reach frequencies around 6.60 GHz, as the current Intel Core i9-12900KS reach 5.50 GHz.

But, of course, this information is still very "green" and we will still have to wait a long time until this generation of processors is presented, which is only expected from the second half of next year 2023.

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