Investing in É o Tchan songs yields above inflation; see how to do it

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 22, 2022
Updated 2022/01/22 at 1:10 AM

bye bye bye“, this onomatopoeia is known to all Brazilians who were young in the mid-90s. Compadre Washington and the group It’s the tchan made a lot of money from the hit songs and now it’s the turn of investors to make money from them too.

Now, they will be able to diversify their portfolio by betting on Axé da Bahia. That’s because Músicas do Brasil, an arm of Hurst Capital, acquired the rights to the royalties for 766 works and 257 phonograms of hits from the Bahian rhythm. According to the company’s projections, the operation generates inflation for investors (adjusted by the IPCA) plus a rate of 15.17% per year.

The investment in music royalties is an anticipation of the royalties that songwriters and performers are entitled to receive every time a song is performed, publicly or over the internet.”, explained Hurst CEO Arthur Farache in an interview with Estadão.

Hurst Capital explained that it prepays the artist for royalties based on a playback history. Thus, they are free to negotiate with an investor and it will be he who will receive the monthly payment according to the results of the songs. “The investor anticipates the value for the artist and will receive over a period what these songs yield on streaming platforms, radio, TV, concerts”, said Farache.

Hurst’s axé catalog features compositions by Pierre Onassis and Dito de Carvalho, with songs known as “A Nova Loira do Tchan” “Dança da cordinha” (both É o Tchan hits) and “Vai shaker, vai shaker” ” (hit by the group Cheiro de Amor).

And how to invest?

To buy musical royalties, such as É o Tchan songs, investors need to create an account on Hurst’s platform, where they can deposit the amount of money they want and direct them to the asset they prefer. The minimum investment amount is R$ 10 thousand.

Farache commented that 98% of investors in Hurst are tax-exempt. This is because the generated return does not exceed the limit of R$ 35 thousand. The company’s CEO also spoke about the advantages that this type of investment has.

“You can’t say which is the most volatile investment, but you can say that ours is much less correlated with market indices. The investor’s return is given by the number of times the songs in the catalog are heard. If the interest rate or the stock market goes up or down, it doesn’t have much impact.” he explained.


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Source: Estadão

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