iOS 15.2: These functions come with the software update

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 16, 2021
Updated 2021/12/16 at 12:46 AM

With iOS 15.2 Apple is catching up on what was originally planned with iOS 15. Now the new software update came a few months late, and yet it is full of new features and quite useful options.

Everything to do with security: The focus of iOS 15.2

The focus of the update is the security of the users. Therefore, Apple introduced the following new features:

  • the App privacy report will in future show weekly which of your loaded apps accessed your data.
  • In the mail app, it is now child’s play to send your Hide email address. Another, nonexistent address is shown to the recipient. If the person replies, you will still receive the message.
  • Also Protection against stalking and persecution is included in the new update. In the “Where is?” App you can now search for unknown airtags in your area and activate the automatic search for them. To do this, you have to go to “Objects” in the app. Apple designed a similar app for the same purpose for Android devices.
  • Another new feature is the Protection against abuse. If you send a picture in which you are not dressed, the device asks you in the future whether you really want to do that. You will also be warned that the picture could be used against you or that the other person may not want to receive the picture.
  • In addition, iOS 15.2 protects against misuse with another function. Parents can set their child’s device to be notified as soon as supposedly pornographic content is sent to the child. However, the child has the option of not viewing the content, which means that the parents are not informed. (via t3n)

Other new features and possibilities

In addition to the many innovations in terms of security, Apple introduced a few other things with 15.2. In the settings under “Password and Security” it is now possible to set a Inheritance contact set up. After your death, they have the authority to manage your account.

Also a new switch called “Macro control” was added, which should make it easier to switch to the ultra-wide-angle lens. Also the so-called Repair history is new to iOS 15.2. Starting with the iPhone XR, devices can indicate that the battery has been replaced. From the iPhone 11 it can also be seen whether the display has been changed so far, and from the iPhone 13 it is even recognized that the camera has been replaced.

Also, one major change is that the Face ID function is no longer locked after a display change. Previously, this was the case with unauthorized repair shops.

iOS 15.2: Voice subscription with Apple Music

If you want to stream music at a low price in the future, you can now also take out a voice subscription. Here you can listen to all Apple Music content for 4.99 euros a month, but only via Siri’s voice function. The loaded songs cannot be managed in an app. However, for some blind people, this tool could be quite useful.

It is also advisable to protect yourself against cell phone espionage in general. And you should also pay attention to these six things in public or third-party WiFi.

Source: t3n

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