iOS 16: These are the iPhone models that are likely to receive this version from Apple

Deepak Gupta May 24, 2022
Updated 2022/05/24 at 7:50 AM

It should be on June 6th that Apple should present iOS 16. This moment will take place at WWDC 2022, where once again the Cupertino giant, where many more news will appear both in software and in hardware.

Still without much revealed or discovered about iOS 16, there are already some ideas that are slowly emerging. One of them shows which iPhone models will have access to this new version and thus be able to install iOS 16.

Despite being already a certainty for the next WWDC 2022, which runs at the beginning of next month, this version is not yet known. Everything points to a smaller renovation than previous versions, with fewer new features created by Apple.

Apple wants to further consolidate this proposal and ensure that users have access to the best it produces. This maturity should be extended to other proposals, thus assuming the novelty and what iOS 16 brings new.

iOS 16 iPhone Apple Version Models

Something that can already be calculated, with a great degree of certainty, is the list of iPhone models that will be supported in iOS 16. If in previous versions there were no changes, now the list of supported models should be changed.

Here it is assumed that Apple will decide to make the SoC A10 Fusion and 3 GB of RAM the minimum requirements for compatibility with iOS 16. This seems to be the logical step, after several years without any changes in this field, which guarantees that the iPhone remains unchanged.

iOS 16 iPhone Apple Version Models

Likewise, the list will receive some cuts if there is a change in the minimum configuration required for iOS 16. This is a reduced list, but where some iconic models are felt.

It is still too early to confirm if this is true information or if Apple will keep the specifications for iOS 16. The list of iPhone models is large and should still grow when the new model is presented to the market in September.

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