iPadOS 15: Features and Supported Devices

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 29, 2022
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Over the years Apple releases new operating systems for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, for example iOS 15, which are followed by a number of updates to improve them. iPadOS 15 is the new operating system for iPad. It will integrate a number of new improvements, as well as the odd new feature worth mentioning. Here are the main features and distinctions of iPadOS 15, stay with us. We already started.

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iPad OS 15 Features

iPadOS version 15 has included a series of new features and modified some existing ones. Next, we summarize the most noteworthy.


At the top of the applications we will find a new menu multitask. There is a new set of multitasking features in iPad OS 15. Which will allow us to enter into view Slide Over, Full Screen and Center Window with a touch, as well as enter split view.

We will also get a new multi-window library which will give us quick access to open windows for an application. In turn, the main window will allow us to touch and hold certain applications, such as notes or emails. This will make it easier for us to open them in split screens without having to leave the screen.

Notifications in iPadOS 15

We will have a considerable number of changes in the apps and icons when notifying us, which will be larger and more visible. This will create a Application Summary which collects and selects the less urgent applications and displays them at a more convenient time.

It may be at night, in the morning or at a time predetermined by the user. There is an interesting system that will allow us to silence an application or a message thread. In this way the notifications they will stop bothering during the day or as long as you deem necessary.

Widgets included in iPadOS 15

It is now official, with the arrival of iPadOS 15, the widgets. What will allow us to add all kinds of Widgets to our home screen as in our iPhone. We will have at our disposal a new incredible number of Widgets which will be from contacts to mail.

will be at hand Smart Stacks which will allow us to correctly order our Widgets. It will feature new controls and Widgets suggested for apps you already use and will appear in Smart Stacks.

App Library

We can see how iPad copies another feature of the iPhone and brings a new one App Library to iPadOS 15. This gives us a place to organize all our apps by priority and by category.

We will have quick access to the application library being able to rearrange the home page, as well as hide it if you wish.

iPadOS 15 Notes app changes

iPadOS 15 brings with it a new set of changes to the notes app. We will be able to organize and categorize the notes with new labels. We will also be able to notify collaborators if we have any shared notes letting them know that there are some important updates.

We will have a new tag browser in the sidebar which will make it easier for us to navigate between tags. Smart or custom folders will collect notes in a predestined place with tag information.

Just as we will have integrated a new activity view that allows us to see what changes have been made in shared notes. Finally, we would have the option to write by hand and combine images and writing to create handwritten notes.


The labels, as with Notes, will also reach the reminders, which will help organize them and make them easier to find. We will have a browser that allows us to touch the labels which will show us reminders related to them. We will be able to create smart lists including reminders, selecting certain labels times, dates, locations and priority.

iPadOS 15 Reminders.

We can also easily delete reminders by accessing quick options. Siri will announce reminders when you use headphones Airpods or Beats.

Sticky Notes in iPadOS 15

This is a new feature in iPadOS 15 which will be on its way in write things down quickly like a phone number, for example. We can access it from any part of the system, as well as from any application that we have open.

Just by swiping from the bottom corner of the screen. We can write or draw, adjust the size of the note if necessary, as well as add application links.


including a new interactive Globe, the maps function gets some interesting features to show to users. We will have at our disposal new details of cities, elevations, roads, buildings and points of reference and interest.

The transit map was redesigned, as well as new driving features that show from points like crosswalks and bus lanes. It will also include frequently used settings in one place along with improved search, such as a handy kitchen filter and restaurants open at the time of search.

face time

This is undoubtedly one of the applications that receive a big change with the new Apple system. We will have the debut of spatial audio in the app along with portrait mode. Grid view and calendar aggregation are also cool points in this app.

The Share Play function, mute alerts and zoom will allow us to view and share applications to experience together. Like iOS 15 in Apple, this will integrate the function of sharing the link already seen before in the zoom platform.

It will allow us to share a link with any acquaintance and they can be part of the meeting from a android phone or a browser. We will also have a quite innovative ambient noise elimination mode to develop our voice being heard more clearly.


This seems to be another one of the apps which was pinned on iPhone for improvement, including memories. Apple Music will be integrated into it and will recommend songs based on our tastes, as well as those found in your photos and videos.

It also has a interactive interface so we can switch photos and videos very easily. It will include new features as well as new types of memories targeted at children and trends over time. As another function, we would have the inclusion of a new richer information panel regarding the Photos theme. Improved album and people recognition.


A new function will come to us which will allow us to filter all the notifications that reach us, when they arrive and how they arrive. We can create custom approaches or choose from the standards.

Focus on iPadOS 15.
Focus on iPadOS 15.

Find me

Find My includes live location for family and friends with whom you share location by offering us continuous transmission updates. In addition, it comes with separation alerts so if you leave your device far away from you, you can find it more easily or even prevent it from getting away from you.


We will have privacy report with information about applications that access cameras, photos, microphones and location. In addition to showing the contacted domains, this report is usually quite practical for our privacy.

There is also a security update for Email and your IP address will also be hidden, preventing profiles from being created from your IP.

Devices that can be updated to iPadOS 15

The best news is that a good amount of iPads will have this update, with few outsiders who will be left without updating, even 2014 devices will have their update.

  • iPad Pro 12.9 (fifth generation)
  • Pro 11 (3rd generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 (4th generation)
  • Pro 11 (2nd generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd generation)
  • Pro 11 (first generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd generation)
  • Pro 12.9 (1st generation)
  • iPad Pro 10.5
  • Pro 9.7
  • iPad (From the 5th generation to the 9th)
  • Mini (4th, 5th and 6th generation)
  • iPad Air (2nd, 3rd and 4th generation)

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