iPhone 13: A pink screen turns out to be a bug

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 26, 2022
Updated 2022/01/26 at 11:05 AM

This has happened to some iPhone users. Suddenly her color changed iPhone 13-Screen simply pink and could no longer be operated. The users assumed that the so-called “pink screen“ about a strange one bow acts. But now Apple has finally resolved what it is all about and how to fix the problem.

iPhone 13 – The new “pink screen” bug

This bug is not new. Since the introduction of the iPhone 13, some users have complained about the “pink screen”. The problem was first discussed on various forums. The users found out some information themselves: The pink screen seems to appear mainly in the Chinese market. Also, this is a random issue that is triggered by a different command execution on each one. For some this happened after taking a photo, for others after a reboot.

The biggest problem with the thing is that the use is severely restricted by the bug. Some users have reported that their iPhone 13 could no longer be operated at all.

If not even a restart is possible, everything seems hopeless. That is why those affected also feared that they would have to exchange their devices. But now Apple has finally figured out what we’re dealing with. According to mydrivers.com, Apple has confirmed via the Chinese social media platform Weibo that this is a software bug. The company is currently trying to eliminate this with the new iOS 15.3 update, which is due to be released this week. So far, however, there are only possible solutions that fix the problem temporarily.

The immediate solution to the bug

Since the “pink screen” bug has been around for some time, Apple recommends a few methods that can at least temporarily fix the problem. For example, the users should first, if possible, back up their data and then, if necessary, carry out the latest update. In addition, Apple’s customer service advises to bring all apps up to date. The errors could also be due to the incompatibility between iOS and app versions.

Alternatively, users can simply wait and see. In the past, bugs like this kept appearing, which Apple always fixed as quickly as possible. But it is hard to believe that Apple is now secretly removing a function from iPhone 13 users.

Source: news.mydrivers.com, Apple

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