iPhone 14 expected worse? In one case, Apple could fail

Deepak Gupta February 3, 2022
Updated 2022/02/03 at 8:04 AM

Various sources have revealed over the past few months which functions the iPhone 14 should bring with it. Some of these were people who not only observe from the outside, but are directly involved in Apple’s supply chains – at least that’s what leaked recordings of alleged prototypes suggest. Nevertheless, analyst Ross Young expects that the company will not be able to implement LTPO displays for all models of the iPhone 14 series.

iPhone 14 without LTPO display?

Basically, LTPO displays are OLED panels. However, these use a special backplane technology. It has some advantages over the usual ones. Combined with the right graphics unit (GPU), such a display enables dynamic refresh rates, for example. They not only ensure smooth performance, but also save energy when high frequencies are not required. Previous leaks indicated that Apple intends to use LTPO technology on all iPhone 14 series devices.

A little later, however, plans came to light according to which the developer seems to be making a change to his suppliers. Instead of Samsung and LG, BOE (Beijing Oriental Electronics) is to supply the necessary screen components in the future. The problem: the Chinese company does not currently have the capacity to supply an entire flagship series with LTPO displays.

Everything is still open

Our idea was that BOE should only be used with the iPhone 15 (Pro). The well-known industry analyst Ross Young imagines it differently. According to him, the upcoming collaboration suggests that BOE is already supplying the iPhone 14 series – just not with the expected 120 Hertz ProMotion displays. When asked if he expected the basic models to also be equipped with the new technology, he answered briefly but clearly:

“No, as BOE does not have enough LTPO capacity and has not shipped any LTPO panels yet. That would be pretty risky. Maybe in 2023…”

Ross Young (via Twitter)

However, as mentioned earlier, Young might be ignoring the fact that Samsung and LG are still involved at the moment. So it seems quite conceivable that the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Max will also get LTPO displays with a punch-hole design.

Source: Twitter/@DSCCRoss; own research

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