iPhone 14 – top or flop? 3 errors could ruin the new Apple cell phone

Deepak Gupta February 22, 2022
Updated 2022/02/22 at 5:41 PM

Apple has been innovative for decades. That was true for a long time, but the company seems to have slowed down a bit in the past few years. The developer’s smartphones in particular leave a lot to be desired. From the iPhone 14 many fans hope for improvement. But Apple could shatter that hope with just three mistakes.

Apple: The iPhone 14 has to fit

In the meantime, some details about this year’s addition to Apple’s flagship series have already been made public. They are largely based on rumours, but can also often be traced back to leaks. These in turn emerge, for example, from the supply chain of the tech giant. For example, it is now known that the display design of the iPhone 14 Pro will do without a notch and instead have a punch hole. But is that enough? In fact, there are a few points in design and technology that Apple shouldn’t skimp on.

#1: Notch vs. Punch Hole

As already indicated, there is currently a lot of evidence that Apple could only provide the Pro versions of the iPhone 14 with the punch-hole design. That would mean that the basic variant would still be provided with a visually unappealing notch. In the forums of the developer himself and on Reddit, this prospect is only partially well received. The new iPhone generation can do without this visual flaw entirely.

N°2: No USB-C

The fan communities have been at clashes with each other for years. The reason for this is not only significant differences in the software of iOS and Android, but also in the hardware. While most manufacturers have been using USB-C for some time, Apple is still sticking with its Lightning connector. For fans of the brand, this is associated with not insignificant costs. If they want a well-functioning charger, they have to resort to Apple’s expensive product itself. It is expected that the USB-C connection will finally come with the iPhone 14, but that is not certain yet.

N°3: Hated camera hump

As with Samsung, the lenses and sensors of the iPhone camera are arranged on a kind of island. They stand out from the back of the smartphone in the form of a hump. Especially when users want to go without a case, this can lead to some really annoying situations. Because just like the Samsung Galaxy S22, you can’t lay the iPhone 13 flat on its back – it will always lie on an incline. The cavity that is then created under the phone can make it more susceptible to damage. There are already some concepts that are supposed to show the design of the iPhone 14 (Pro), but nothing official is known about it yet.

Source: own research

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