iPhone 14 without a SIM card? Apple should delete a basic feature

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 31, 2021
Updated 2021/12/31 at 7:49 AM

That should be the end of 2022 iPhone 14 come on the market. Apple is currently working on some not insignificant subtleties of the new flagship. Sometimes the developer on the Californian Cupertino apparently wants to do without the SIM slot of the smartphone in the future. That emerges from the most recent observations of a well-known industry insider.

iPhone 14 should do without a SIM card

Current iPhone models and Apple Watches since Series 4 are already equipped with the eSIM. The next step towards completely doing without a physical card does not seem far anyway. But now an approximate point in time even seems to have been fixed. If you believe current leaks, Apple will say goodbye to the SIM card with the release of the iPhone 14 in autumn 2022.

“I agree with recent rumors about the removal of the physical SIM card tray. In February I passed on the following information:

I was able to confirm with sources that Apple will be working to remove the SIM card tray sooner rather than later. It won’t happen again this year, but an unnamed iPhone model is being tested internally with only eSIM. “

@dylandkt (via Twitter)

So far it was assumed that the developer would only plan this leap with the iPhone 15 Pro planned for 2023. Citing a whistleblower who was not named, MacRumors now reports that e-SIM-only smartphones should be on the market by September 2022. A specific manufacturer or even a model are not known, however.

Period suggests Apple

As a rule, it is the Cupertino group that presents its new models in September or October. So it is quite conceivable that the iPhone 14 will dispense with the physical SIM card. However, further information remains to be seen for the time being.

Source: Twitter / @ dylandkt; MacRumors

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