IRS: Today is the last day to deliver the statement! Attention to fines

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta June 30, 2022
Updated 2022/06/30 at 7:25 AM

The deadline for submitting the IRS started on April 1 and ends this Thursday (06/30). According to data from the Tax and Customs Authority, 5.64 million declarations from taxpayers have already been received, and more than 2.4 billion euros have been reimbursed.

If you haven’t submitted your IRS tax return yet, do it today! Pay attention to fines.

IRS: There are many taxpayers who have not yet submitted a statement

According to the most recent data from the Finance Portal, 5,532,611 declarations have been delivered so far. Taking into account the number 2021, it is expected that more than six million IRS statements will be delivered.

Of the declarations delivered, 4.7 million have already been settled, of which 2.4 million gave rise to reimbursements in the amount of 2,475 million euros.

So far, around 883.6 thousand collection notes have also been issued, totaling around 1,354 million euros, the remaining being void (with no refund or collection note).

According to the Ministry of Finance, the average term of refunds made by bank transfer has returned to that observed before the pandemic, at 19.2 days. For those who used the automatic IRS mechanism, this average period was 12.6 days.

For several years now, the delivery of the IRS has been done exclusively electronically, but in order to help those who have more difficulties accessing the Internet, thousands of vacancies have been made available for scheduling in the Finance services.

The law determines that the IRS settlement must be completed on July 31, and the tax must be paid or returned (via refund) by August 31.

With regard to fines, if you deliver up to one month after the deadline, on your own initiative and without having harmed the State, you may have to pay at least a fine of 25 euros. If you deliver after these additional 30 days, the amount may be higher, depending on factors such as whether the tax authorities have already initiated an inspection procedure.

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