Is there a Nothing Phone (1) Lite to come?

Deepak Gupta August 4, 2022
Updated 2022/08/04 at 9:34 PM

Nothing launched its first smartphone a few days ago, a real sales success despite much criticism. The rumors around the Nothing Phone (1) were proving to be accurate and the company itself, until the day of the big launch, confirmed many of them.

And now, is a Lite version being created?

Nothing Phone (1) arrived on July 12 as a proposal for the Android world that is completely different from everything the market offers. It is a mid-range smartphone, but thanks to its design and set of rear LEDs, it stands out.

The new Nothing phone (1) then comes with what the manufacturer has dubbed the Glyph Interface, the set of LED lights positioned at the rear. Their goal is to minimize screen time, but of course this will require some getting used to.

The Glyph Interface allows you to create unique light patterns made from 900 LEDs that can indicate, for example, who is calling through light patterns, charging status or what type of notification has been received.

This interface is only possible thanks to a completely different design from what the competition offers. The Nothing phone (1) has a transparent back made up of over 400 components. The frame is made from 100% recycled aluminum and 50% of the plastic components are made from recycled materials.

The Rumors of a Nothing Phone (1) Lite

Android Police released an article 2 days ago that reported a rumor that involved the possibility of launching a Nothing Phone (1) Lite smartphone. A version that usually ends up positioning itself in a lower range or appears with smaller dimensions.

Carl Pei, the CEO of Nothing, took to Twitter today to talk about such a rumor... and only left two words: "Fake news". With this indication of false news, the possible launch of this product is thus ruled out.

If most companies refer to silence every time a rumor appears, Nothing revealed in this way that it wants to be the one to launch the curiosity with the fans that it is conquering, without the interference of possible leakers that could influence the opinion of consumers .

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