Is there one more candidate to buy Netflix? Now the rumors point to Apple

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta August 1, 2022
Updated 2022/08/01 at 7:58 AM

Netflix’s financial scenario has shown that this service is going through a very unfavorable moment. Losses accumulate every quarter and there doesn’t seem to be a way for this scenario to be reversed in a simple way.

This has led to some speculation about the future of Netflix and its streaming service. Many point to a possible sale and potential candidates begin to emerge, unofficially. The latest pointed to this purchase is Apple.




Will Netflix really be sold?

Over the years, the market has shown many surprises in the field of technology. Many acquisitions emerged at random and that few expected to be possible, proving to be successful in most cases. A new one could be on the way, putting Netflix at the center.

After Microsoft was pointed out as a possible interested party in the purchase of Netflix, a new name for this position appears. Several analysts now point to Apple as a potential interested in the streaming service, which may find a solution to its problem here.

Netflix Apple buy streaming rumors

Will buying be solution one for Apple?

Tim Cook himself revealed in the last presentation of results that Apple does not rule out this possibility. Faced with the possibility of this purchase of Netflix, Apple's strongman said that he does not rule out this possibility to integrate the company into the Apple ecosystem.

The company is constantly evaluating the market, but Tim Cook guarantees that Apple will never "buy for the sake of buying". The investments that are made must make sense in terms of the company's long-term growth.

Netflix Apple buy streaming rumors

Rumors support this streaming scenario

The Netflix integration aligns with Apple's streaming push, with your service Apple TV+. It would serve to give access to new exclusive content, with movies and third-party programs, as well as increase the content library with Netflix originals, even controlling their production.

Once again this Netflix scenario is based only on rumors and speculation, but it shows up as a possible scenario. If for Microsoft it would be the way to enter this market, for Apple it would be the way to expand its catalog and control the production of new titles.

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