Is this an alien lying on Mars or just an illusion? Report debunks rumors

Deepak Gupta February 9, 2022
Updated 2022/02/09 at 11:29 AM

NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance has spotted an alien on the Red Planet, as per rounds of speculation on social media. Rumors started when a blog writer suggested he saw a man strolling on Mars, casually lying on the Martian surface amid giant rocks, in an image originally sent by the NASA rover last year. Many people reacted to the blog, suggesting that this proves signs of life on Mars. But the “alien” is almost certainly a rock, as one report claims.

Scott C Waring, writing on the blog UFO Sightings Daily, said that he loves to “scroll through” NASA photos. “Well, I came across something unique… something that is 100% proof of intelligent life. There is a person lying down watching the NASA rover on Mars from a safe distance”, Waring he wrote on the blog.

Waring then went on to describe how the person appeared in the image. He said the “alien” was 30 cm tall and was lying flat, with a “upper chest, rosy neck and face, radish hair, wearing a dark suit, but has a gray object over one shoulder… of some sort.”

The image that triggered this wild speculation may be visa online on GigaPan.

While the author made every effort to bring a non-existent alien to life, a report by the Independent said it is no scientific breakthrough. It’s just a trick of the eye that has been used several times before to get everyone excited about life on Mars. This phenomenon is known as “pareidolia” – the tendency to see things as an object, pattern or meaning where there is none. This is similar to seeing imaginary objects and creatures in clouds or stars.

People often get excited when they see peculiar objects in images that show extraterrestrial worlds. More recently, the Chinese rover Yutu-2 appeared to detect a “mystery house” on the Moon. After much scientific deliberation, it was revealed that the object was just a strangely shaped rock.

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