Is Waze too slow in the car? This is a problem that seems to be spreading.

Deepak Gupta August 6, 2022
Updated 2022/08/06 at 8:12 AM

Waze is one of the most used apps, especially in the context of car navigation, using Android Auto or CarPlay. These systems bring all the help you need to drive and find the best route to any destination to the car’s screen.

This importance means that it has to work perfectly and without any failure. That doesn’t seem to be happening and the latest complaints show just that. Waze is too slow in the car and this is an issue that seems to be spreading




Despite being a Google app and service, Waze maintains its autonomy and its operating philosophy. It works with the information that users provide and thus guarantees the quality of the information shared and used to help those who use this service.

This quality now seems to be affected by problems that compromise the use of Waze both in Android Auto and in Apple's solution, CarPlay. It's not an issue that is widespread and reaching all users, but it seems to be growing and getting more and more affected.

Waze CarPlay Android Auto problem

what is it described in several places, the problem manifests after a few minutes of using the Waze app on car systems. This begins to lose precision and gains an increasing delay, both in the presentation of the location and in the instructions given to drivers.

This situation seems to be affecting more users of Apple's system than Google's system. Still, Android Auto also has an extensive list of complaints from users reporting the situation in their cars.

Waze CarPlay Android Auto problem

The Waze team should already be working on this issue, although they haven't given any information about its origin. In both cases, information should appear detailing the origin of the problem and also the solution to it, which should appear in an update.

This is yet another problem Waze has to face, now focused more on CarPlay than Android Auto. This system has to be perfectly synchronized to guarantee users the right instructions at the right time, without any delay or other lag.

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