Is your cell phone listening? An experiment wants to prove that

Deepak Gupta February 16, 2022
Updated 2022/02/16 at 12:48 PM

Many suspect that her mobile phone, when they use it or when it’s just lying on the table next to them. But is that really true? The reporter Nadine Hadad from PULS Reportage wants to find out in a complex experiment.

Cell phone listening? This is the experiment

Nadine Hadad and programmer Sebastian Bayerl from the BR AI + Automation Lab are doing an experiment to find out whether it is technically possible for the cell phone to eavesdrop. They test secret eavesdropping on both Android smartphones and iPhones. Sebastian programs about two applications: With one he tries to switch on Nadine’s mobile phone microphone unnoticed. With the other he tries to record speech without a microphone using the smartphone’s motion sensors.

The report states, among other things:

“An app running in the foreground can always capture audio. If the app is pushed to the background, it can still listen for a minute. When the screen is turned off, the app can even record unnoticed for over an hour.”

PULSE report

It is therefore technically quite possible for Android apps to secretly eavesdrop. However, that doesn’t mean that companies like Meta and Co. actually do it. Or is it?

PULSE report

Statements from Meta and Co.

When Meta asked whether their platforms were listening in to place suitable advertising for users, the company explained: “Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp are not listening and also do not use the cell phone microphone to influence advertising in any way .” You can find out in the video whether the PULS Reportage can confirm this in their test.

In addition, Nadine Hadad draws a conclusion at the end, which may bring you closer to answering the question of whether your cell phone is listening.

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Source: YouTube/PULS report

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