It is also now possible to play Doom… in a LEGO brick

Deepak Gupta June 21, 2022
Updated 2022/06/21 at 11:03 AM

The most fanatical and dedicated creators in inventing and reinventing technology as we know it are usually highlighted through news that publicize their own creations. And today we bring another case like that.

The information reveals that recently a user managed to make the popular game Doom run, imagine, on nothing less than a LEGO brick. It’s not the first time that id Software’s game has been put to work on products that are far from the gaming segment.




Doom is one of the most classic games of the FPS genre, having been released in 1993. Thus, it is known mainly by gamers who grew up when the computer and video game segment was also starting to evolve.

The game developed by id Software is sometimes in the news due to the fact that the most gadget users are able to run it on platforms outside the gaming context, such as Twitter or a Samsung fridge through xCloud. And there's now one more unusual place to play Doom.

Doom game was run on a LEGO brick

User James Brown created a mini controller to be able to turn a LEGO brick into a small screen. With this creation, images are generated from small controllable OLEDs.

On his official Twitter account, Brown shared a video showing the game Doom in action on the LEGO brick.

In practical terms, the game doesn't even run on the piece, which serves as a kind of small external screen. But Brown doesn't want to stop there and seems to be focused on exploring even more the various possibilities that this format can allow.

OLEDS had previously been used by Brown to imitate the LEGO terminal pieces that lean and have painted designs, as you can see in the following image, and in this short video posted on your Twitter.

Also on his social network account, where we can see several other creations, Brown has already shown the possibility of the upper part of this LEGO brick system being touch sensitive, as you can see here.

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