It’s now much simpler to make calls with your friends on Facebook Messenger

Deepak Gupta June 2, 2022
Updated 2022/06/02 at 11:49 PM

Despite still betting heavily on WhatsApp, Meta does not let go of its other tools such as Facebook Messenger. This is also a solution to consider and that many still use on a daily basis.

The latest news that Facebook Messenger has received focuses on making access to calls simpler and more direct. Now everything is in a central point and within easy reach of the user.

Despite being a messaging tool that focuses on written text, Facebook Messenger has changed the way we communicate. More and more users want to use voice and video in this process.

To improve this use, Meta has brought an interesting novelty to this tool. Messenger now has an interface change, which has a new area where all the elements associated with calls will be concentrated.

Everything will start in the bottom bar, where a shortcut with the name Call will open the door to this new area. Here will be the list of calls that were received and made, with this information clearly visible and easy to interpret.

Messenger Facebook Calls MetaMessenger Facebook Calls Meta

In addition, this call area will allow the user to make new voice and video calls. Just choose the recipient and press a single button for these to happen between the 2 users.

This is a change that will reach everyone in the next few weeks and will be widely distributed to everyone. It will not be limited to a single system and will be available for the various systems where Messenger is present.

It's interesting to see how Meta is growing Facebook Messenger. It's revisiting what it offers and increasing the way many more now choose to make calls and not just exchange text messages between their contacts.

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