Japan sets new fiber optic speed record

Deepak Gupta June 2, 2022
Updated 2022/06/02 at 10:48 PM

Data transfer tends to become faster, due to the technological advances that we know. Now, Japan has set a new fiber optic speed record.

In an impressive debut, it surpassed 1 petabyte.

The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) has set a new fiber optic speed record, reaching 1.02 petabytes per second – practically, this speed could allow the transmission of up to 10 million channels in 8K resolution per second. . That number is much higher than what had been achieved in 2021, of 318 terabytes.

Although Japan's technology uses the same sheath diameter as current fiber cables, the speed is considerably faster.

The speed that it set, now a new record, was achieved through a technology developed by NICT, in 2021. It was with this same technology that it previously reached the speed of 319 terabytes.

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The technology consists of a quad-core optical fiber system, that is, it guarantees triple the frequency of conventional single-conductor cables, allowing a speed compatible with current infrastructures and avoiding any risk of reliability.

The standard 4-core jacket diameter is attractive for early adoption of new spatial division multiplexing fibers in high-performance, long-haul links as it is compatible with conventional cable infrastructure and is expected to be reliable. mechanics comparable to standard single-mode fibers.

The NICT explained, in a report.

In order to achieve the speed of d3e 1.02 petabytes per second, sent along a 51.7 km fiber optic cable, NICT engineers had to increase the wavelength by up to 801 channels with a technology called WDM. In this way, they achieved a total frequency of 20 THz, compared to the 14 THz they achieved in 2020 – with these the engineers obtained 0.61 petabytes per second.

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