Jasmin Herren: “I also treat Anouschka to the jungle crown”

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 30, 2022
Updated 2022/01/30 at 5:09 PM

First it hit Tara Tabitha (28) on Friday evening, on Saturday the second participant, Jasmin Herren (43), had to leave the jungle camp. She only moved to the camp at short notice as a replacement for Lucas Cordalis (54). “Winning wasn’t important to me,” says Herren in an interview with the news agency spot on news after she was kicked out. She also talks about her argument with her “egocentric” comrade-in-arms Anouschka Renzi (57) and explains why she would still treat her to the jungle crown.

How are you today? Are you disappointed that you had to leave the camp?

Jasmin Herren: I am doing very, very well today. To be honest I’m glad to be outside!


Gentlemen: The win was not important to me. Personally, I’m a winner anyway. I only took part as a substitute candidate. So my gain was to become a participant at all.

How do you look back on the days in the jungle camp?

Gentlemen: I’m glad that I was able to have this experience, that I was able to push my limits and that I was able to boost my self-confidence in the exams. I have experienced and seen so many great things and I will draw on them. I’ll keep telling you about it until I’m 80 or 90. The time at the camp has made me strong and that is more important than any gain.

In the aftermath of the expulsion, you were hardly seen on TV. Should you have provided more drama for more airtime?

Gentlemen: I wasn’t there to put on any plays or direct dramas. I was me and it also took place well, was well integrated into the group. To this day I don’t know what was broadcast, but I’ll watch it all.

Like almost all camp residents, you too have clashed with Anouschka Renzi at one time or another. Why was there such a high potential for conflict with her?

Herren: Anouschka is a very complicated person. I think she has different preferences and very little team spirit, was very selfish in the group and focused on herself. I would describe her as egocentric. Of course I’m sorry about her illness, but that could have been clarified earlier. That would have saved you and us a lot. I don’t think much of such people. If you are in a team and live together in a group, everyone should contribute equally. Anyone who opposes the group and thinks only of himself should not be surprised if he is excluded.

You hit it off especially well with Linda Nobat. Will you continue the friendship in Germany?

Gentlemen: Yes, of course. I would also like to keep in touch with Manuel, Tina and Tara. I would also like to see Harald again. He is a very interesting person and we had a great day treasure hunting together.

Who do you treat the jungle crown to most?

Gentlemen: I actually treat everyone – including Anouschka. You can’t even imagine what it’s like in there. Every single one of us completely underestimated this format. What we experienced doesn’t come across on TV at all. You have to muster enough strength and energy in everyday life to get by with a lack of sleep and food, a lack of pleasure and irritability. So weakened you have to go through the jungle tests. You get little sleep at night because of the night watches, which are very tough. Anyone who can make it through this deserves the jungle crown. I have to say that Anouschka did really well in the exams and I take my hat off to her.


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