Jetson ONE “Flying Cars” has sold out orders and scheduled delivery for this year

Deepak Gupta January 18, 2022
Updated 2022/01/18 at 2:14 PM

Last year we talked a little about the proposal to eVTOL from the swedish company Jetson, The ‘Jetson ONE‘ it is a one-person manned vehicle and is able to achieve a maximum speed of 102 km/h. The aircraft sold almost all models that were made available for purchase by the manufacturer and must start being delivered to your buyers in 2022.

Initially the company had offered a small number of units for sale, but now it has expanded to a total of almost 100 models can be purchased, with a delivery queue that runs until 2023. Currently, almost all aircraft have been purchased, with only three chassis available to be purchased on the manufacturer’s official website.

The price to buy one Jetson ONE is a little expensive, with the interested party having to pay $22,000 to place the order of purchase and then needing pay another $70,000 to buy the unit after it leaves the factory. Even with this high price, the company had a high demand from interested parties, with the Jetson claiming to have received over 3,000 pre-orders when it made next year’s chassis available for sale.

Credits: Jetson Publicity

With all this success, the manufacturer is looking for external financing to start scale production of the aircraft, the co-founder and CTO of Jetson, Tomasz Patan, told the portal DroneDJ who “is looking globally for a company that shares our vision. We are at the forefront of a new industry. The skill set needed to lead in this industry is incredibly niche.”

Jetson ONE

The vehicle consists of a chassis connected to an entire aluminum fuselage where the high-discharge lithium-ion battery is hidden, which are capable of delivering a maximum power of 88 kW. all in all drone weighs only 86 kg and it is made betting on being quite compact, being able to be “folded” to have a width of only 90 cm when not being used.

Some LiDAR sensors perform terrain analysis and perform obstacle avoidance. These first models of Jetson ONE will be coming to users this year 2022 and can make a trip with an autonomy of 20 minutes with a maximum speed of 102 km/h, with that speed being limited by the vehicle’s computer.

In order to offer a hassle-free trip even if there is a problem with the aircraft, the drone comes equipped with some safety features. The model has a redundant propulsion system so he just doesn’t run out of strength in the air and also has a pballistic arraquedas in case of an accident or more serious problem happens during the flight.


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Source: Jetson, DroneDJ

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