Jio signs agreement with Estonia’s Oulu University for 6G technology collaboration

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 21, 2022
Updated 2022/01/21 at 5:23 AM

Jio’s Estonia arm and the University of Oulu signed an agreement to collaborate on the development of 6G technology as well as to promote entrepreneurship.

The collaboration with the Estonia-based university is expected to expand Jio’s 5G capabilities and help explore use cases in the 6G era.

Jio Platforms is the parent company of the telecommunications company Reliance Jio.

“As the leader of the world’s first major 6G research program, the University of Oulu focuses on wireless communications that lead to 6G technologies.

“We look forward to collaborating with Jio Estonia and the entire Reliance Group on targeted research initiatives that will enable future end-to-end wireless solutions for a wide range of end-user requirements,” said Director of the 6G Flagship Professor at the University of Oulu. Matti Latva-aho said in a statement on Thursday.

The university said 6G builds on 5G and extends digitization through unique features, adding that 5G and 6G will coexist and cover a wide range of consumer and business use cases.

The collaboration will promote entrepreneurship by bringing together a pool of world-class experts from industry and academia in air and space communication, holographic beamforming, 3D connected intelligence in cybersecurity, microelectronics and photonics.

“The collaborative effort will help compete with 6G-enabled products in defence, automotive, white goods, industrial machinery, consumer goods, efficient manufacturing, new personal smart device environments and experiences such as urban computing and autonomous traffic settings,” said the communicated. statement said.

Jio Estonia CEO Taavi Kotka said Jio has over 400 million subscribers in India and his experience shows that building capacity to transmit large amounts of data is becoming critical.

“With this collaboration with the University of Oulu, we can ensure that we continue to grow and develop as a world region of the future,” he said.

Jio Platforms Senior Vice President Aayush Bhatnagar said initial investments in 6G research and resources with the university could complement Jio Lab’s 5G capabilities and bring 6G to life.

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