John Deere is ready to start producing autonomous tractors

Deepak Gupta January 6, 2022
Updated 2022/01/06 at 12:46 AM

We talk a lot about autonomous cars when we want to give an example of the technology of the future, but there are other vehicles – and tools – that can take advantage of this technology. The agricultural hardware giant, John Deere, is ready to show off your newest fully autonomous tractor, for example.

The presentation, of course, is being made at CES 2022. The company says that the exhibited unit will soon become a fleet in large production. The idea, according to the company, is to help make agriculture more efficient and more robust in the face of increasing demand and decreasing resources.

John Deere at CES 2022

The tractor has six pairs of stereo cameras around it to identify objects in its path, allowing for 360ΒΊ vision and distance calculation. This is then processed by a local neural network, which classifies each pixel in approximately 100 milliseconds and determines whether the machine keeps moving or stops and, combined with GPS technology, allows the tractor to maintain and position and travel without need a driver. Of course, the only thing needed would be to bring the tractor to the starting point for the jobs, organize the settings, and “swipe from left to right to start the machine.”

The machine would be prepared to operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, stopping only to refuel every 8 hours on average.

At the same time, the tractor’s work progress can be monitored from a mobile device, which can receive live video, data and metrics, allowing the farmer to adjust the speed and depth of drilling on his phone. This is all through the John Deere Operations Center Mobile.

The John Deere autonomous tractor it is exhibiting is a blend of a Deere 8R tractor, a TruSet-enabled subsoiler and its navigation technology. They are expected to be available for purchase later this year, making John Deere the first company to make this type of innovation available to customers.

We still don’t know what value these vehicles will have on the market.


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