Jungle camp: Eric Stehfest refused and no one was thrown out

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 31, 2022
Updated 2022/01/31 at 4:06 AM

The tenth day of “I’m a star – get me out of here!” (also on RTL +) had new hostilities, supposedly new friendships and a new novelty to offer. Eric Stehfest’s (32) disturbed energies, with which he increasingly gets on the Eso spirit of his fellow campaigners, somehow ensured all points. For the big bang, however, he waited for the spotlight that was due in the jungle test – as previously announced.

But first things first: The crux of the many involuntary departures this year is that the field of participants became very thin very early on. Therefore, RTL suspended the eviction on Sunday evening, and it will probably only catch a participant again on Monday. Eric’s shares are likely to have continued to fall for some viewers and all campers after this episode.

The sensitive bodyguard and a CSD date

The fact that a robust Peter Althof (66) bodyguard also has a soft core was made abundantly clear by a failed gag by Linda Nobat (26). Because with her buddy-like “Well, you’re not the brightest light now”, prankster Peter suddenly didn’t understand the joke anymore: “And I’ve told everyone that I find you so intelligent. I have to revise all that,” grumbled the old-timer from Camp. “I thought you made as much fun as you made fun,” Linda countered. She was wrong – for her Peter will probably no longer throw himself into the verbal trajectory in slow motion.

Almost traditionally, Anouschka Renzi (57) rushed together with Linda again. Points of contention were once again the plates and beds – one too empty, the other too wet. But Anouschka’s ever-same misery was this time too strenuous for Schmollmund colleague Harald Glööckler (56): “It’s a competition and we can’t always be considerate of each other.” The fact that Linda then intoned “Kumbaya my Lord” rounded off the spectacle.

The denied exam

Meanwhile, Eric and Manuel Flickinger (33) agreed that they would like to continue meeting after the camp. “My wife is bisexual,” Eric opened up. “Maybe we’ll go to CSD Berlin together?” Manuel said timidly. There was a lot of melancholy in his voice, because: “That may sound stupid, but if I come out now, I won’t have any family there. When I come home, there is nobody there. No one.”

With Manuel, Eric feels “that you are not in a conflict to please someone. You are there as you”. In contrast to almost all fellow campers. Or, to put it in Eric’s words: “What fake shit!” And that’s exactly why he shouted before the jungle test for which he and Peter were chosen, “I’m a star – get me out of here!”

Eric had already figured out the reason for the honestly baffled Daniel Hartwich (43) and Sonja Zietlow (53): “There are people in the camp who openly say that they think I suck, my personality sucks. That’s why I’m not willing to win food for people who don’t like me.” Zietlow’s justified argument that his refusal would also let everyone down who (still) like him was followed by a rather sheepish “That’s my decision ” as answer. And anyway, he never ate the food earned by other people.

Refusing an exam just to harm others? “We’ve never had that before,” the baffled presenter stated when the “warriors” Eric and Peter left without having achieved anything. Eric’s high-handed ego trip also caused violent reactions in the camp, surprise was not the most prominent of them.

“This is inconsiderate, selfish and just plain shit,” Linda summed it up. He could have addressed all of this before he was chosen for the jungle trial and instead of being punished with food deprivation. But Eric went one better. He announced that he might no longer want to follow the camp rules. And you no longer have to send him to further tests if you want something to bite in the future. Then a typical stand-up sentence: “If they attack me, they should watch out. Because I know my way around in the dark.” Alright…


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