Jungle camp: Jasmin Herren was “never separated” from Willi Herren

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 23, 2022
Updated 2022/01/23 at 4:29 AM

On Saturday evening (January 22) it got emotional in the second episode of the 15th anniversary season of “I’m a star – get me out of here!” (on RTL and RTL+). Some campers gave an intimate look at difficult moments in their lives. Other celebrities showed the first signs of camp frustration – and it got loud.

Jasmin Herren: “We were never separated”

Jasmin Herren (43) provided the first emotional camp talk of the episode. “There were always people who tried to break us up because it was supposedly my fault that Willi was taking any substances,” explained Willi Herren’s widow (1975-2021). She was threatened several times, called the police several times and was even beaten. To this day, she still doesn’t understand the background. In order to “just have my peace”, the couple made sure that people outwardly believed that they were separated. “We were never separated. We lied,” emphasized Herren. In the jungle phone, she tearfully explained: “I tried to help him out of being exploited from the cycle again and again. He was my great love. ”After the death of the singer and the grief, she wanted to leave the past behind and use the camp for a new start.

Not only gentlemen opened up to their fellow combatants. In conversation with Harald Glööckler (56) and Anouschka Renzi (57), Janina Youssefian (39) finally wanted to clear up the rumors about how her image as a “carpet slut” came about. She had an affair with Dieter Bohlen (67) for three years. The two were once caught having sex. “It wasn’t in the carpet shop either, it was on the cutting table. I was then fired and the shop owner sold the story to the press.”

Detox for the soul

Designer Harald Glööckler was particularly open, initially explaining his homosexuality around the campfire: “When I was six, I realized that I found men more interesting than women.” When he was ten, it was finally clear to him. He also had girlfriends. “Then I can also be tender with each other, but then you don’t have to go to extremes.” For him, the jungle camp was a reset in order to finally take care of himself and his insides again, Glööckler later thought about his marriage and partnership .

And the designer also has to work through his childhood in the jungle. This was a single trauma with a violent father. “And then you look back and there are only shards. Then you just push that away,” he explained through tears. But he now wants to solve his thoughts in the camp and drop the mask. He also advised his good friend Anouschka Renzi (57), who has so far been acting like a defiant child and needs to open up more.

It gets loud in the fight for the beds and when cooking

Discussions were not long in coming this time either. “Rice and beans don’t belong in a pan,” said the self-proclaimed camp cook Linda Nobat (26) loudly when Glööckler started to eat. “Come down, calm down,” Youssefian warned, “Don’t yell at me,” Harald Glööckler threatened her unnerved. “People who get loud want to be heard, they probably have the feeling that they are not being noticed enough,” was his conclusion after the dispute.

Youssefian clashed with another camper. “Bachelorette” candidate Filip Pavlovic (27) would like to change the bed in the camp, but his fellow camper, who was plagued by ticks, thwarted his plans. “First come, first served. Don’t get on my radio!” Pavlovic tried to argue with the non-team player. To describe him disrespectfully as a “sparrow brain” went too far for him. The comrades-in-arms were able to prevent the worst and put an end to the dispute.

First romance is brewing

Pavlovic believes that the campers see him as a big competition and therefore criticize him and portray him as a bogeyman in the dispute. Only one really stuck with him: reality star Tara Tabitha (28). “I think it’s nice when you have someone here,” explained the camper, who apparently took a liking to her colleague and sought his closeness. “Pictures don’t lie, yes we get along well,” said the “Bachelorette” candidate.

Anouschka Renzi, who was annoyed by the constant smoke in the camp and the “all the drivel”, was the first celebrity to take part in the single jungle test. She dived into the “Aqualium”, had to deal with crocodiles, toads and snakes and ended up getting a reasonable four out of eleven stars. The spectators decided on Saturday evening who would follow Renzi as a jungle candidate: the next challenge even had to be a duo: Linda Nobat and Janina Youssefian.


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