Kenya to use electric buses in its public transport system

Deepak Gupta February 3, 2022
Updated 2022/02/03 at 2:33 PM

THE Kenya, an East African country, has taken a big step towards electrifying transport on the continent. THE Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (NAMATAin English), the country’s capital, convened dealers to offer the sale and leasing (lease or loan) of electric, hybrid or biodiesel-powered buses that will be used in the Nairobi’s public transport system.

Kenya aims to implement efficient and sustainable BRT

THE BRT, Bus Rapid Transit, is a bus transportation system focused on crowded cities. Among the features of BRT are the use of buses with large passenger capacity — such as articulated ones — and exclusive lanes. In Kenya, only 5% of vehicles are electric (with the vast majority for personal use). With this proposal for a BRT with sustainable buses, the country will be the pioneer of electrification on the continent. In the publication of the invitation, the NAMATA said he wants to establish and implement a system “safe, efficient and sustainable” in the metropolis of Nairobi.

In case of leasing of vehicles, the NAMATA gives the option of three periods: three, seven or 12 years. The public agency intends to finish the works of the system BRT until the end of this year, the same period that the construction of the infrastructure for light rail vehicles (tram). The implementation of public transport system — which aims to be efficient and sustainable — will serve to reduce (or attempt) congestion in nairobithe largest city in East Africa and whose metropolitan area has a population of almost 10 million people (in the capital alone there are more than 4.3 million inhabitants).

Innovation in transport and digital payment

Kenya’s innovation will not only be in electrifying the public transportation. The country can be a gateway for companies in the electric vehicles on the continent and serve as an example for neighboring countries. Kenya has plans to end the use of fossil fuel vehicles by 2040. BRT will be carried out by digital means, in which users bought credits to use transport (as in several cities in Brazil).


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