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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 8, 2021
Updated 2021/12/08 at 2:29 PM

In addition to the cool new look we found in Windows 11, it has also tweaked a lot of details on the whole positively. To match the newly added function modules, the Windows 11 shortcut keys are very different from what we are used to in Windows 10. Next, we will summarize the new version of the shortcut keys, see how many you have used .

Windows keys + A : open the quick settings panel

The quick setting panel is a newly added Windows 11 module, which can complete the quick open and close of some common functions (such as WIFI, flight mode, projection, night mode, brightness, volume, etc.). The Win + A keyboard shortcut is the shortcut key for this function in Windows 11. After pressing it, you can call this panel with a key.

Windows keys + B : quickly jump to the systray

Win + B is the shortcut key for the systray. After pressing it, the focus will move to the tray. After pressing Enter, you can see the tray icon directly.

Windows keys + C : to open Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is also a newly added component in Windows 11, and Microsoft used it to demonstrate instant messaging at the press conference. Win + C is the shortcut key for this component, it doesn’t matter if it shows on the taskbar or not, you can use it to call Microsoft Teams with one click.

It’s worth mentioning that the Win + C keyboard shortcut used to be a shortcut key for Cortana in Windows 10. This time Windows 11 canceled it outright, perhaps because Cortana has performed poorly.

Windows + D : quickly display the desktop

If you want to temporarily view the contents of the desktop during work, you can use the shortcut key Win + D which is a shift key to minimize / restore the window. Click to minimize all windows and then click to restore window The function is similar to “Show desktop” on the right side of the taskbar.

Win + E : open windows explorer

Win + E is a classic Windows hotkey, which is compatible with many versions of Windows. The most important function is to quickly call the resource manager in Windows 11. Especially when there are many programs on the current station, this function will be especially effective.

Win + F : one click to send feedback

Win + F is the feedback button on a Windows 11 keyboard shortcut key. After pressing it, the “input feedback” in the “feedback center” will open automatically. Functionally, it is basically the same as Windows 10 Win + F version, but the style is more compatible with Windows 11 system.

Win + G : Launch the Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar is a collection of small tools specially created for gamers. It has built-in modules like performance monitoring, multi-channel control, screenshot recording, resource management, and one-click sharing.

Compared to the Windows 10 version, the Windows 11 Xbox Game Bar adds another highlight, namely its support for AutoHDR (which is also a final feature of Windows 11). Win + G is the shortcut key for this function or keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11.

Win + H : voice dictation

Win + H is the voice dictation key for Windows 11. This feature has appeared already in the Windows 10 era, but Windows 11 is even better in terms of overall recognition rate and score matching!

Win + I : open settings

Windows 11 has reorganized the settings panel, and both the sorting logic and the search and usage are improved compared to the previous version. Win + I is the shortcut key of this panel, especially when the left and right hands are operating at the same time, the efficiency is higher than just using the mouse.

Win + K : screencast to other devices

Win + K is the hotkey or keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11 to project the screen, you can directly project the desktop to the TV or projector that supports Miracast. Windows 11 supports both wired and wireless connection methods, especially in the meeting place, which can provide a very convenient desktop viewing effect.

Win + L : lock screen

You must be very familiar with the Win + L keyboard shortcut. Compared to Win10, the Windows 11 lock screen is more concise and more like the design style of a mobile phone. The function is similar to the previous version and it also supports the display of information on the lock screen.

Win + M : minimize the window

Like Win + D, Win + M can also minimize the open window. The difference is that Win + D can minimize and restore windows, while Win + M only has one item to minimize. Also, Win + D can take over all windows, while Win + M doesn’t work for some special dialog boxes (like “Run”).

Win + N : open notification panel / calendar panel

The function of Win + N is to open the notification panel, as Windows 11 combines the monthly calendar with the notification panel, another function is to open the monthly calendar.

Win + P : change the projection mode

After the computer has been successfully connected to the external monitor or projector, you can press Win + P to change the projection mode. In Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts, it provides a total of three projection styles, namely “copy” (synchronized with the computer screen), “extended” (using the second device as an extended screen) and ” only the second screen »(only on the second device). For office or gaming users, this is a frequently used feature.

Win + Q is the search key for a Windows 11 key, and the Windows 11 search bar will open when it is clicked. Corresponding to it there is a Win + S, the functions of the two are exactly the same.

Win + R : run

Win + R is also a classic shortcut key in Windows 11. Its function is to open the “Run” dialog box, which is mainly used to open infrequently used system functions.

Win + T : view thumbnails of open programs

Win + T is a feature passed on in Windows 10. After pressing the hotkey, Windows 11 will sequentially expand the thumbnails of all open software on the taskbar, so that we can check the real-time operation of each program .

Win + V : Open Cloud Clipboard

“Cloud Clipboard” is also a classic module in Windows 10. Content copied to machine A can be pasted directly to machine B (you must be logged in to the same Microsoft account). Windows 11 adds two more details on the basis above, namely the panel’s drag and drop freely and the Gif animation that is very much liked by home users.  

Win + W : indicates the information and interest bar

The “Information and Interest Bar” is another new feature in Windows 11, similar to the “negative screen” of mobile phones, which can provide desktop news and lightweight office applications. Win + W is a shortcut key for this function. After pressing it, you can directly call the information and interest bar.

Win + X : call the simple start menu

Win + X is a menu shortcut key in Windows 11. After pressing it, you can access a set of system-level commands, including Windows terminal, disk management, system, and task manager. Especially when Win11 cancels the taskbar context menu, this feature can compensate for this shortcoming.

Win + Z : open window design

Windows 11’s window management feature has been vastly improved. One of the most obvious changes is that on some ultra-wide screen monitors (fish displays), there will be a left / middle / right three-column window arrangement. In addition, it has added a new layout panel for easy finger operation for touch screen users. Like other new features, Windows 11 also adds a hotkey to it. After pressing Win + Z, you can quickly complete the deployment of the window.

Win + space : input method

On systems equipped with multiple input methods, Win + Space can quickly switch between input methods.

Win + cursor : key window layout

Besides the newly added layout panel, Windows 11 also provides another window arrangement method, which is -Win + cursor keys. At present, with the help of Win + → / ↑ / ← / ↓ key, nine combinations of left / right / upper left / lower left / upper right / lower right / full screen / minimize / upper half screen can be realized , and the window design can be completed more quickly.

Win + TAB : virtual desktop switch

Windows 11 virtual desktop adds three new functions: window movement (Alt + Shift + ← / →), renaming and independent wallpaper, and the appearance value is higher than that of the Windows 10 version. the basic window management functions, Win + TAB also adds three sub-functions: new desktop, desktop overview, and desktop classification. You can even use it to transfer windows to other desktops.

Win + Ctrl + D : new virtual desktop

Besides using Win + D, Windows 11 also provides us with another way to create a virtual desktop, which is-Win + Ctrl + D. Unlike the first one, Win + Ctrl + D does not show the overview page, instead it jumps directly to the newly added virtual desktop. Therefore, we often use it as a means to protect personal privacy.

Win + Prtscn : screenshot

Win + PrtScn is a one-click screenshot button in Windows 11. After pressing the shortcut, the screen will flash first, and then in the “This Computer-Picture-Screenshot” folder, an image file will appear just of being caught. Compared to traditional screenshots, this Windows 11 operation is obviously more efficient.

Win + Shift + S : professional display

Although Win + Prtscn is convenient, it can only achieve full screen screenshots. If you want to intercept some special shapes, you should use this Win + Shift + S. Compared with Win + Prtscn, Win + Shift + S has more comprehensive functions. In addition to full screen captures, there are also four special built-in screen capture modes: Window Screenshots, Area Screenshots, Free Screenshots, and Delayed Screenshots (selected in editor). Furthermore, it also comes with a simple editor that can quickly annotate, measure and crop intercepted images.

Win + Home : minimize inactive windows

Too many open windows will seriously affect the efficiency of the interface work, then Win + Home can be useful. Win + Home is the key to minimizing the inactive window, similar to “window shaking” on the mouse. As with window movement, in addition to one-key minimization of all windows (except current window), you can also restore minimized window by pressing Win + Start again.


The above are all the most frequently used shortcut keys in Windows 11. Compared to Windows 10, the shortcut keys in Windows 11 have changed a lot. If naturally in your daily work or professional field you use these shortcuts

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