Larissa Marolt: “The word bitch is offensive and not up to date”

Deepak Gupta February 15, 2022
Updated 2022/02/15 at 5:59 AM

Larissa Marolt (29) mixes up as Fiona, daughter of Rolf Jäger, the characters of the RTL series “Unter uns” (always Monday to Friday at 5.30 p.m. on RTL and anytime on RTL +). Under the title “Family vacation booked. get nightmare! Secrets, intrigues and revelations: all inclusive” can be seen from February 14th to 18th during the “Unter Uns” event week.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the actress reveals what she particularly likes about the “unpredictable” Fiona and what the action-packed shoot was like for her. In addition, the former “GNTM” candidate looks back on her experiences as a juror on “Switzerland’s next top model 2021” and explains why she is particularly bothered by the status as a former “‘GNTM bitch'”.

Larissa Marolt: I liked the role profile. The role of Fiona is very multifaceted. There is something unpredictable about her and yet she knows exactly what she is doing.

Why do you like difficult characters?

Marolt: Because difficult characters are special and it is a challenge to get involved in such roles and simply immerse yourself in a completely different character! Especially with roles that also have a dark side.

One of the locations where the film was shot was the medieval Hemmerich Castle near Brühl. How did you experience the shooting?

Marolt: The “Unter Uns” production came up with something very special for the event week and was also very creative in the selection of the filming locations. I liked that we had both studio and location shoots. There was also stunt training beforehand for the action-packed scenes, which was very helpful.

Is acting a normal thing for you now or are you still excited?

Marolt: For me, this kind of excitement is more positive energy or anticipation.

So far you have mainly been in front of the camera for series. Would you also like to see a film and if so, what genre?

Marolt: Of course there is the desire to make a film again. It’s also a different way of working than doing a daily series. Unfortunately, you can’t always choose whether you’re going to be in a movie or series next – there’s often a bit of luck involved. However, I am very grateful to have so much series experience and never get out of practice. I personally love independent films and would be very happy to gain experience in this genre!

You were part of the jury for “Switzerland’s next top model” in 2021. What was it like for you to go back to your roots, so to speak?

Marolt: My jury job was special because I had the opportunity to pass on my own experiences. I was able to prepare the candidates for life in public. It was always important to me to motivate people and not just improve or criticize them.

What good and what bad memories do you have of “Austria’s next top model” and “GNTM” today?

Marolt: “Austria’s next top model” and “GNTM” were very formative times for me, which were very important to me and which I wouldn’t want to miss. Not only to gain first experiences in the world of models and the media industry, but also to see the world through all the trips. I already saw it as an adventure when I was 16.

How difficult was it for you, or do you still find it difficult to get rid of the “GNTM bitch” status?

Marolt: I find the word bitch offensive and not up-to-date! Unfortunately, it is still the case that women who are strong and who represent their own opinions are pushed into a corner, which I think is a shame.

What are your dreams as an actress, but also as a model?

Marolt: I would like to continue to embody exciting roles as an actress. And to shoot a film again, that would be nice.


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