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Deepak Gupta February 17, 2022
Updated 2022/02/17 at 12:03 AM

THE shopee, e-commerce platform, is known for offering different types of coupons to its consumers. Among the options offered are discount, free shipping, welcome for new users, cashback and others. The consumer can combine different coupons and enjoy the advantages even more. Check out in this tutorial how to use Shopee coupons

1 – How to redeem and apply a coupon on your purchase

To redeem and apply a coupon on the platform, simply select the voucher available in “Daily Coupons” (located on the home page) and click on “I WANT” to make it available in the user’s wallet. To view them, just access “MY COUPONS” on profile. the coupons from free shipping is only valid for purchases made in the Shopee app and all the conditions you can check in each one of them. A tip is finalize your purchase as soon as you redeem the couponsas some are of limited use and redemption does not guarantee their use.

After that, just choose the products you want to buy and add them to the cart. On the order checkout screen, select the products, click on “SHOPEE COUPON” and apply the desired voucher. Be aware: if your purchase does not follow the necessary conditions of the coupon, it cannot be applied and the reason will appear highlighted below. Check the final value with the coupon applied. Now just select the best payment method and complete your purchase.

2 – Identify the different types of coupons

  • free shipping coupon: Shopee users have 5 free shipping coupons per month for their purchases, 4 of which are already available in the wallet and 1 for redemption. Free shipping coupons are limited to shipping in the amount of BRL 20. For more information, just access the “free shipping” area on the main page of the application.
  • store coupon: You can find store coupons by entering the seller’s page and/or the daily coupons area. Remembering that not all stores have discount coupons available.
  • Discount coupon: You can find them by accessing the “daily coupons” area and on the main pages of the Shopee app. There are different types of discount coupons, such as discount coupons valid only for a specific category, cashback, for local and/or international sellers. Check the conditions that best apply to your purchase. On Shopee Days of the month, the platform provides more options.
  • Welcome coupon for first purchase: Register on the platform or start your session. After logging into your Shopee account, you will be able to redeem a welcome gift coupon for new users. To do this, tap “I WANT” and you will be redirected to the “Welcome Gift” page, and then just redeem it.

3 – Use multiple coupons when completing your purchase

To use several vouchers in the same purchase, it is only necessary that they are coupons of different types. Redeem discount coupons, store coupons and free shipping and continue the shopping process as normal. On the checkout screen, simply click on “COUPON SHOPEE” and select the available free shipping and discount coupons. The store exclusive coupon will be automatically applied at checkout.

4 – You can win coupons at Shopee Awards

To save money on your purchases, you can play Shopee games and earn coins, discount coupons and free shipping coupons* daily. To see available games, simply go to the Shopee Rewards page.

Extra tip: Shopee always warns its users about promotions and coupons released on the platform. Just enable notifications and keep an eye on the bell inside the app. The app is available at Play Store, App Store and in the web version.

*With the use of the coupon, shipping can be free when the shipping value is up to R$ 20 (depends on the region of the consumer and the seller). For discount vouchers of R$5.00, R$15 and R$20.00 for Official Shopee during the campaign, the minimum purchase amounts are R$20, R$60 and R$80 respectively. Check out the conditions and how to use it on the Shopee website or app


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