LG Xboom 360: Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker Delivers 360 Degree Audio Experience

Deepak Gupta February 17, 2022
Updated 2022/02/17 at 1:05 AM

The LG Xboom 360 is a bluetooth speaker, or rather, a speaker that combines quality speakers, RGB LEDs and features such as customizable equalizer, DJ mode, among other interactions via app on your smartphone. But the best: it is a speaker that propagates sound in 360 degrees, delivering a similar experience throughout the environment, being a great choice for parties, for example.

With a premium finish, focused on Lifestyle and not on audiophiles – after all, no bluettoth speaker is aimed at the most demanding audience -, the LG Xboom 360 is a speaker / decoration object / garden lantern, in short, its design and the materials used in its construction differentiate it from traditional speakers, but with a purpose. The cone shape of the LG speaker is ideal for the concept adopted, of a 360 degree sound distributed evenly throughout the environment.

The magic happens in the way the tweeter and woofer are positioned, distributing all frequencies throughout the room. Incidentally, the quality of both speakers is not lacking: on the top of the box, the tweeter is positioned, which has a compression driver made of titanium, with high sensitivity and low distortion, covering the mid and high frequencies well. (treble), delivering clean, well-defined sound FOR a bluetooth system.

At the bottom, a 5.25” fiberglass woofer provides clarity in the bass, which is a great choice, since this type of cabinet, despite not being made of wood, has characteristics similar to wood pulp, provides a strong, clean bass. In general, the LG Xboom 360 delivers good bass and treble, with balanced midtones / not recoiled. They are present, in a balanced way, which helps to deliver a very interesting signature. Very good to listen to singers like Elis Regina and Alcione, after all, you don’t live just from ballads, right?

Between the tweeter and the woofer, LG positioned an inverted cone with two functions: lighting the party with RGB LEDs, which bring 09 pre-configured modes between Environment, Nature and Party, with the user being able to create personalized modes that reflect their personality. , tastes, mood, or whatever you want to call it. The second function is to bounce the sound coming from the woofer and distribute it evenly throughout the room, in 360 degrees. This patented technology from LG allows that with a modest set of speakers, the company can create a good experience for all the people who are enjoying the music.

As a basis for comparison, there are other companies on the market delivering 360-degree sound, but most use multiple tweeters/speakers to make the magic happen. Apple, with the HomePod, distributed 07 tweeters at the bottom of the product, creating a powerful sound, but with overlapping waves and a questionable experience / result. LG claims that the way it works with omnidirectional sound, all frequencies are distributed throughout the environment, creating a more immersive experience. I can’t pin this down, but it certainly wasn’t bad. In fact, for my taste, it was very good.

The music and speaker controls are located on the top of the box, but it is in the app that you can make fine adjustments, accessing all the functions, including ambience, sound quality, equalization, lighting mode and intensity, among others. functions.

In my tests I put the Xboom 360 in open environments, outdoors and also in a room between 40 and 50m2. The result was very good in both. For outdoor environments, the Outdoor option on the Equalizer gives an “up” in the bass and an overall gain. To make it even better – your pocketbook won’t agree – there’s the option of joining two XBoom 360° in Twin mode. You’re not going to create a stereo system, but the idea here is to increase the output, doubling the power, hence the volume. An LG Xboom 360 has 120W RMS, so two would add up to 240W. This is cool for anyone using the system in a large outdoor area or at a party with very large environments. In this case, what the system does is synchronize the speakers and ensure that the sound will be in “sync”

In addition to working from the outlet at 110W and 220W, it has an internal battery with autonomy for up to 10 hours of use, with volume at 50% and lighting off, and can also serve as a power bank for your cell phone in a moment of despair, ensuring that the music keep playing. In my tests it took a little less than 05 hours to charge, for another 10 hours of autonomy away from the socket. It ends up being a good companion for parties, camping and pool, as long as it is carefully, after all, it does not have IP protection.

In summary, the LG Xboom 360 is a lifestyle product. A speaker that looks like a garden lantern, with a great fabric finish and adjustable lighting according to the user’s mood and moment. The sound is on account of a set of speakers that guarantees excellent quality, within the bluetooth universe. It is not a box designed for audiophiles, but for an audience that seeks a decorative object and that delivers a good quality 360° sound and that certainly impresses not only for the sound, but for the whole of the work: it is beautiful, it is exclusive, it has good sound and doesn’t let you down, since it has enough battery to hold the whole party.

Two caveats I make is that it would be amazing if you could use two Xboom 360 speakers in stereo mode, and not just to increase the system’s output power. Maybe in the next version. In fact, it should even be possible, using auxiliary cables and splitters, but you would certainly lose the appeal of being a completely wireless system, apart from the hefty price. The second point is, where is the Alexa built in to facilitate voice commands? You can even give voice commands from your cell phone, which is not so practical. Although, can you imagine everyone at a party being able to tell Alexa to change the music? What chaos!

The price is a little scary, but it’s a new technology and if we consider other products with 360 degree audio, it’s not out – although in Brazil this category (360 degree sound) still doesn’t have many competitors. It’s about R$ 2,500.00 at Fastshop, the only online retailer where I found this model and R$ 2,799.00 at LG’s own store.


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