Linda Nobat hands out against Harald Glööckler

Deepak Gupta February 4, 2022
Updated 2022/02/04 at 9:06 AM

Linda Nobat (27) was involved in many quarrels and bitches in the jungle camp. On day twelve, the ex-“Bachelor” contestant was voted out of the show. But even outside of the camp, she continues to dish out against her former roommates. In an RTL interview with Serkan Yavuz, Filip Pavlović’s (27) companion in South Africa, she looks back at the latest episode of “I’m a star – get me out of here!” (also on RTL+). “The masks are slowly crumbling,” summarizes Nobat.

The refusal of Harald Glööckler (56) and Anouschka Renzi (57) to take an exam is also discussed. The two refused to climb into a tank full of meat scraps and fish scraps. Harald’s argument: he is a vegetarian. “If I remember correctly, Harald ate a tail in the first episode. Everything was fine,” says Nobat. The argument of being a vegetarian “makes no sense” to them. This is “no excuse”. “Harald just didn’t feel like it and Anouschka then stepped up for both of them,” is her final conclusion on the situation.

Linda Nobat on meeting Anouschka Renzi: “I don’t know”

Anouschka Renzi was voted out of the show after failing to take the exam. In the celebrity hotel outside of the camp, Linda Nobat and the actress – big brawlers of the show – will meet again. When asked how that will be, Nobat replies meaningfully: “Who will be here tomorrow? I do not know.”

The ex-“Bachelor” candidate Filip Pavlović begrudge the victory because he is “genuine” and “pure of heart”. “He’s a great guy and he just deserves it.” But she doubts that the reality TV actor will actually win in the end. “I have the feeling that it’s more in the direction of Harald.” After his refusal to take the exam, however, she hopes “that people will see how he is”.


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