Logitech Announces Litra Glow LED Light for Streamers for $60

Deepak Gupta January 13, 2022
Updated 2022/01/13 at 1:51 PM

Lighting is essential for a live broadcast or video recording, so the logitech is shedding its newest light called Liter Glow focused for streamers and content creators. The new device is quite compact and, according to the company, brings features that promise to present a “natural and radiant appearance on all skin tones”.

Spending all day with a light pointed at your face during a live broadcast can be quite uncomfortable and tiring, because of this the Logitech for Creators, the brand of the company responsible for devices for content creators, is looking at ways to solve this problem. The company’s new lighting features a dull light that is gentler on the eyes, being less cumbersome and safer to use for a long time.

Another feature that draws attention to the Liter Glow it’s the technology TrueSoft own logitech, which promises to present cinematic color accuracy. Through this feature the device promises softer and more flattering lighting, which is able to give a better appearance to the user and disguise some signs of tiredness.

Credits: Logitech Disclosure

However, as pointed out by the Engadget, this type of feature in other devices has the problem of being made, and tested, for only a few skin tones, mostly white. This is a problem because, for example, the same type of lighting used on white actors ends up making black actors look grayish during poorly lit scenes.

THE logitech points out that this is not an issue in her new light, stating that she is able to present “natural skin tones” with a “radiant look”. To show this, the companies talked to the visual artist the photographer Aundre Larrow, who recently published on the blog of Adobe about tips for shooting darker skin tones.

“The lighting felt natural. It looks good on my skin and works for people of different skin tones without looking washed out. The warm to cool is super accurate and I found the light strong and soft enough to use alone.”
– Said Aundre Larrow after testing the Litra Glow.

The functioning of the new Liter Glow it is to be fully automatic and with the user only needing to connect the light to a computer, where he can also fully configure the colors of the device. THE logitech started selling its novelty first in the United States, Canada, Australia and selected European countries on its official website and at selected retailers at a price of US$60, R$332.


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Source: Engadget, logitech

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