Logitech G Launches Inclusive, Personalized Collection For Any Gamer

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta July 27, 2022
Updated 2022/07/27 at 9:56 PM

Logitech recently announced exciting news for gamers, male or female, who want to be seen like everyone else. In particular, the new Aurora collection by Logitech G was launched, which promises to be inclusive and empower all players to play in their own way.

The new collection has several interesting products, including wireless headphones, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse and eight other personalized accessories. One of the strengths of these new devices is the fact that they do not have a gender-discriminatory design, among other factors.

Logitech has just presented its new product line called “Aurora”, a collection aimed at the gaming world and which aims to be inclusive, not gender-dependent, but comprehensive for all gamers looking for a simplistic, but playful and daring design. while it matches your gaming experience, and beyond.

The design of the new equipment stands out for being distinctive and elegant, and the Aurora collection is then enriched by its personalized accessories and color options.

Logitech G Aurora Collection

This collection features the G735 Wireless Headphones, the G715 Wireless Keyboard, the G705 Wireless Mouse and eight custom accessories. But let's get to know each of them a little better:

  • Wireless headphones G735: They feature a White Mist finish, ethereal RGB lighting and dual in-ear audio mix. A versatile option for any player. And it features new Blue VO!CE microphone technology features to modulate a player's voice and have the ability to save preferred audio settings to the G Hub and directly to the headset. This equipment maximizes comfort for all players and includes smaller head sizes. It has a capacity of over 56 hours of battery life and wireless technology is made possible through Logitech G's LIGHTSPEED functionality and Bluetooth® connectivity. This product has a price of 229 euros.

  • Wireless keyboards G715 and G713: These keyboards deliver discreet vibrations with high performance, so gamers can express themselves and play the way they want. They have a compact layout and adjustable height, which ensures all-day comfort. They feature a rechargeable battery that offers 25 hours of uninterrupted gaming, LIGHTSPEED wireless or Bluetooth® connectivity. Both models also have a Cloud-Soft palm rest for added convenience. The G715 TKL keyboard is priced at 199 euros, and the G13 model is priced at 169 euros.

  • G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse: Specially designed for little hands with a compact contour fit and advanced gaming technology. At just 85 grams, the G705 is designed for lightweight, long-lasting comfort and performance. It features a LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming level sensor, Bluetooth® connectivity and an easy-to-access DPI cycling button, allowing gamers to perform at their best. This mouse costs 99 euros.

  • Accessories: There are eight new accessories, such as the cloud-shaped handrest, the cable pendant and the heart-shaped carrying case. There are also headphones and microphones, mouse pad, piece to remove keys and brush and top plates for the keyboard. You can find out more information about these accessories. here.

And to enrich this scenario even more, the special edition Blue Yeti premium USB microphone is also available, available in Pink Dawn and White Mist colors for 139 euros.

According to Ujesh Desai, vice president and manager of Logitech G: "Much of the gaming industry is stuck in a size mindset single. But that doesn't reflect the wide range of consumers who are focused on self-expression and games for fun, and it certainly doesn't fit with Logitech's commitment to providing solutions for all gamers. When
we looked at our gaming products, we realized we could do more. With Aurora, we created a gender-inclusive collection focused on comfort, accessibility
and fun that supports our long-term commitment to enabling everyone experience the joy of playing".

Like other products of the brand, the Aurora collection is certified as carbon neutral, which contributes to the environmental impact.

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