Lone Hacker Claims Responsibility for North Korea’s Internet Attack

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 4, 2022
Updated 2022/02/04 at 1:45 AM

The story goes like this: a man is the victim of a government attack. Alone, he takes on the role of vigilante, fighting for revenge and to regain what he lost. Clearly this could be a movie, with the script that mixes The Hunt, Punisher and Rambo. But it’s just real life imitating art, with a single hacker assuming the authorship of attack that brought down North Korea’s entire internet (and left Kim Jong-Un unaware of the latest in the K-Pop world).

North Korea messed with those who were quiet

THE american hacker p4xwho claimed responsibility for the attacks on an American vehicle wiredexplained that he was one of the victims of another North Korea organized hacking attack in 2021. In the virtual campaign of the country controlled by Kim Jong Unfake accounts, pretending to be hunters of bugs and vulnerabilities in systems, contacted experts in cybersecurity and used social engineering to get them to download malicious files, believing it to be code whose creator wanted some help. P4x (not to be confused with pix) fell to the coup.

Source: The Digital Way/Pixabay.

Troubled by the lack of response from the US government, P4x started his revenge. During the period when North Korea carried out missile tests, several government sites went down. First, they thought it was a hacker attack of some rival government, like the United States, but it was all done by a single person. THE american hacker (which would make a great movie name) did not reveal the points of vulnerabilities of the North Korean system. But in such a closed country, where the population is prohibited from accessing the Internet, being the exclusive access to the high command of the dictatorship, not so many people will be affected in a population of 25 million inhabitants. In addition to affecting government communication, Kim Jong Un must have missed an episode of your favorite drama

The attack was like DDoS, acronym for distributed denial of service. Attack in which hackers use bots to simulate a huge number of accesses to the same website in order to overload its servers and bring it down. P4x said that the attack was very easy and almost entirely automated. In other words: if a person can do it, it’s a sign that North Korea only has internet because the enemies don’t take it down.


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Via: Business Insider Source: wired

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