Looking for ideas for Christmas presents? These are the 5 most popular

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 16, 2021
Updated 2021/12/16 at 5:32 PM

The time has come. We have arrived at the time of last minute Christmas shopping. If you still Christmas presents missing, you should stay tuned. And if you don’t Christmas gift ideas these 5 most popular ones will give you the perfect starting point.

Fancy Christmas gift ideas?

Are you still looking for Christmas presents because you’ve run out of ideas? Then you are exactly right here. According to an HRI survey, 18 products are the most popular this year. Here we name the first five:

# 1: Gift vouchers for film and series junkies

This Christmas gift idea might sound boring at first. That’s why we came up with something and spiced it up.

One of the things that most households do over and over again at Christmas time is watching Christmas movies. That’s because they get the Christmas spirit up and have something traditional about them. Therefore, a voucher for streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video is ideal.

Symbol picture voucher for streaming service, credits: imago images / Future Image

You can also make this Christmas gift idea a little more personal: Everyone would be happy to receive a recommendation list of coordinated Christmas films. Our 12 most beautiful Christmas films that simply have to be watched every year provide a selection.

And even if the person who receives the voucher is not a Christmas fan, we have something ready. These are the top Netflix movies and series for December.

# 2: A good read for the Christmas holidays

This Christmas gift idea is especially perfect for those who are not series or film junkies and prefer books: A good book can captivate you. When you know what genre you love most, choosing one is a breeze.

However, books are not that easy to take with you. The e-book is a cheaper option. Maybe it is also worth buying an e-book reader like Amazon Kindl.

# 3: Something for the kids

Of course, we also have a Christmas gift idea for children. Toys are in third place on the list of the most popular Christmas gifts.

With a wide variety of experiment kits, the children have fun and enough activity at Christmas, which puts their skills and patience to the test. A wide range of choices are provided by z. B. the experiment kits from Kosmos. From simpler everyday phenomena to more complicated electric-powered constructions, everything is included.

Symbolic picture of Christmas presents for children, Credits: imago images / Ralph Peters

# 4: Care and cosmetics for pure pampering

There are several possible Christmas gift ideas for this category. Of course, that depends on what exactly your loved ones need.

You can’t go wrong with care products, especially in the cold winter months. After all, everyone is happy about a little pampering during the Christmas period. And most of them certainly intend to do that too. A few ideas would be electric toothbrushes, razors and epilators, and hair accessories like blow dryers.

# 5: clothing or mobile devices?

The answer is clothing. The classic is the five most popular Christmas gifts this year. And what about mobile devices? This year they are only twelfth out of eighteen. This is not so absurd when you consider that new smartphones such as the iPhone 13 or the Samsung Galaxy S21 are very expensive.

Still, there is a way you can get this discounted. For the Samsung Galaxy S21 there are e.g. B. a top O2 deal with exchange bonuses and exchange bonus.

More gift ideas

If none of these ideas have appealed to you, we have more for you, such as the 5 best technology gift ideas for Christmas or the 7 best gifts for nerds. There really is something for everyone.

Source: German Trade Association

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