Love taking and sharing selfies? You must have these apps on your smartphone

Deepak Gupta August 3, 2022
Updated 2022/08/03 at 1:00 PM

Having pictures of your best smiles, from the best angle, a new haircut, a sunset or a sunrise where your face is even more lit up… may seem like vanity… and it is, but that’s not bad at all. So, if you’re one of those who love capturing a good selfie at every moment of your life, alone or with friends and family, there are apps you should know about.

Here are 5 apps for Android and iOS that will help you take the best selfies.


Retrica is an app that lets you capture photos or use photos from the gallery and apply and combine the numerous effects available. It has more than 190 filters and is ideal for those who like photos with a more retro effect.

In addition to photos, filters and effects can also be placed on videos.

Despite being free, Retrica has a much more complete premium version, ideal for those who work with social networks.

Home page: Retrica, Inc.
Price: free
Punctuation: 4.7 [iOS]/ 4.6 [Android] stars


The AirBrush app allows you to make a simpler and more subtle edit to your photos. Correction of small blemishes on the skin, adjustment of colors, brightness, contrast. It also includes several filters and allows you to crop images.

Also this one has a premium version or filter packs to use for a period of time.


VSCO is one of the most popular apps for Android and iOS when it comes to photo and video editing. In this case, it includes filters that will put your selfies on a higher quality level.

It includes 10 free presets, but more than 200 can be purchased in the library. In addition, brightness, sharpness, temperature, contrast and many other parameters can be manually adjusted.

Home page: VSCO
Price: free
Punctuation: 4.7 [iOS]/ 3.6 [Android] stars

Perfect365: Facial Makeup

As the name implies, this app focuses on makeup. In addition to all the usual touches, it also includes filters aimed at this theme. It helps to remove imperfections, includes different makeup styles, allows you to adjust the background of photos, among many other options.

Home page: Perfect365, Inc.
Price: free
Punctuation: 4.8 [iOS]/ 4.2 [Android] stars

A Color Story

With more than 400 filters designed by photographers, A Color Story will allow you to create selfies with colors that stand out. The app includes more than 20 advanced editing tools, including HSL and curves. It also offers some of the best filters and effects for your photos.

Home page: A Color Story
Price: free
Punctuation: 4.8[iOS]/ 4.2 [Android] stars

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