Maximum gas cylinder prices go into effect today! online values

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta August 16, 2022
Updated 2022/08/16 at 8:09 AM

The maximum prices for the gas cylinder, which may come into force, enter into force today. This “measure” represents a saving of almost 3.2 euros per 13-kilogram (Kg) bottle of butane.

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Action said on Friday that Law No. . What are the maximum prices that can be charged for LPG T3 propane and LPG T5 propane?

Maximum gas cylinder prices can be viewed online...

On Friday, the Government set maximum prices for bottled gas again, as had already happened during the COVID-19 pandemic, determining that a 13-kilogram (kg) bottle of butane will have a maximum value of 29.47 euros. , while 12.5 kg bottles will cost up to 28.34 euros, according to figures from Energy Services Regulatory Entity (ERSE).

Ordinance No. 205-A/2022, of 12 August, establishes the maximum margins and the respective public sale price of bottled LPG for a limited period of time.

The maximum price per bottle in force until September 2, 2022 for T3 and T5 typologies can be consulted at ERSE website. In short, in the case of LPG propane T3, the maximum varies between EUR 29.11 per 11 kg bottle and 23.81 kg per nine kilogram bottle. At T5 propane LPG bottlesin turn, will cost up to 109.08 euros (45 kg) or 84.84 euros (35 kg).

Maximum gas cylinder prices go into effect today!  online values

In the case of the T3 bottle of 11 kg of propane, the saving is 3,258 euros. Already in the T5 bottle of 45 kg of propane the saving is 6,206 euros.

Supply stations and other points of sale for LPG bottles must “guarantee the continuous supply” of bottles, “namely of the types subject to the fixed price”, determined the ordinance signed by the Secretaries of State for the Economy, João Neves, and for the Environment. and Energy, João Galamba.

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