Meta files for patent for 3D conversations via holography

Deepak Gupta February 24, 2022
Updated 2022/02/24 at 9:29 AM

THE Goal is fully focused on the development of “futuristic” augmented reality technologies, in addition to investments in metaverse, the company is also concerned with changing the way people converse at a distance. According to a new patent from the parent company of Facebookshe is wanting develop a technology 3D conversations via holography.

The application for this patent was made in 2020 and published in January of this year, the name of the technology is called “3D Conversations in an Artificial Reality Environment”, something like ‘3D Conversations in Augmented Reality Environments” in literal translation. This novelty would allow the caller to appear in front of the other person, creating a “face-to-face” conversation through technology.

Through that, the Goal want to capture and broadcast users’ 3D body through augmented and virtual reality glasses, smartphones and other future devices. This means that the patent wants to use the technology to give the impression that people are in the same room. Despite having been published by the regulatory body, the patent has not yet been granted by the company.

Credits: Reproduction / TheNextWeb

According to the document from the social media giant, the company’s focus is on realistic 3D representation creation, especially in conversations, where body language can make them more natural. The purpose of this technology is to capture data from the environment and the participants in order to be able to create and transmit and imitate a conversation in the most real way possible.

O TheNextWeb points out that the desire of the company that owns the Facebook it’s not necessarily creating a holographic device for making calls, but focusing on 3D data. The company claims that supposedly your solution will be able to work on any existing screenfrom smartphones to even VR glasses and holograms.

The portal points out that, basically, what the Goal proposes with this patent is create a platform and a backend for working 3D video calls. It is worth noting that the company has just filed for this patent, this does not mean that it will necessarily launch a product based on it.


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Source: TheNextWeb

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