Meta has a few more secrets on WhatsApp to present very soon

Deepak Gupta April 17, 2022
Updated 2022/04/17 at 11:50 PM

Meta and Facebook have invested a lot to create new devices that will change users’ lives. Always with the social network at the center of this focus, this hardware manages to interact with the real world, bringing it to the digital world.

The most recent proposal presented was a pair of sunglasses from Ray-Ban, which capture the world. Now, and for even greater integration, Meta seems to want to bring this proposal to WhatsApp, further increasing this interaction.

Apesar de toda a inovação que o WhatsApp tem trazido, há uma área onde este serviço parece estar longe de ser inovador. Falamos da integração com os diferentes assistentes pessoais, desde os da Google até ao da Apple.

Esta parece ser uma opção antiga, e que em breve será alterada, pelo menos segundo o que foi encontrado na última versão beta do WhatsApp. Uma análise realizada à versão permitiu encontrar strings e imagens associadas a uma futura integração, que será muito interessante.

Tell Assistant who you want to contact. Be sure to say “on WhatsApp” after their name so Assistant knows to open a WhatsApp message secured with end-to-end encryption.
"Wait to say your message after Assistant asks you, so you know you're speaking into WhatsApp."
For example, “Hey Facebook, message Anna on WhatsApp.”
Connect with Ray-Ban Stories
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Send a WhatsApp Message With Assistant
When you use WhatsApp with Ray-Ban Stories, the contents of your personal messages and calls are always secured with end-to-end encryption. Not even WhatsApp can read or listen to them.
<a href="%1$s">Learn more about your privacy on WhatsApp.</a>
Use WhatsApp with Ray-Ban Stories
Link with WhatsApp

The present code promises an integration with one of Meta's latest novelties, the Ray-Ban Stories. It's code that cannot be used by users yet, but that is already present in the app, ready to be explored by programmers of WhatsApp itself.

The present references also point to the integration with an assistant, but certainly not those of smartphones. It is speculated that it will be the Facebook Assistant and that it will be the one to bridge the gap between WhatsApp and Ray-Ban glasses.

Naturally, all interaction between the Meta glasses and WhatsApp will be carried out by voice and with simple commands. This information also reinforces security, by guaranteeing that messages will be encrypted and cannot be accessed.

This will be a very important step that will further unite Meta's services and its hardware. It will be a first experience and will give even more functionality to WhatsApp and a unique hardware that showed the capabilities of Facebook, the Ray-Ban Stories.

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