Meta has plans to create a universal translator based on artificial intelligence

Deepak Gupta February 24, 2022
Updated 2022/02/24 at 2:08 AM

O Goal/Facebook announced this Wednesday, the 23rd, its project for a universal translator that will be used in its metaverse. According to Mark Zuckerbergcreate resources for the metaverse is the most ambitious long-term project the company has ever developed, including the No Languang Left Behindname of the universal translator program.

Meta will use AI to translate its metaverse

The program No Languang Left Behind (No Language Left Behind, in Portuguese) will be created with innovations in artificial intelligence (AI). It will be developed by the laboratories of AI goal (AI stands for artificial intelligence) and has a very clear objective, to facilitate communication between people from different countries, especially in the metaverse. In the company’s “virtual universe”, it will be even easier to connect with foreigners. More practical than using a Google translator in a digital world of augmented realityonly one software to translate the lines in real time.

Check out other technologies being developed by Meta that were announced today:

  • Promoting inclusion with the power of speech and translation: the program No Language Left Behind is working to create a single system capable of translating between all written languages, breaking down barriers for nearly half of the world’s population who cannot access the internet in their native or preferred language today. THE Goal also want to create the Universal Speech Translator (Universal Speech Translatorin Portuguese), an AI system that provides instant speech-to-speech translations in all languages, even those that are predominantly oral.
  • An AI model of the future for chatting with virtual assistants: Project CAIRaoke is an innovative approach to conversational AI (the technology used by chatbots and assistants) that could one day enable people to have more natural interactions and conversations with devices.

  • A new resource for understanding how AI systems work: If you’ve ever wondered how Instagram rates content in your feed, the new tool from Goal can help. the system tool AI prototype highlights the many AI models that make up this type of system and can help people better understand how it operates.
  • New ways to include diverse talent in AI: The AI ​​Learning Alliance program is making coursework on machine learning topics accessible to everyone and creating a faculty association at universities with large numbers of students from underrepresented groups. These teachers will teach the courses.
  • Open-source high-performance AI for recommendations: TorchRec is the library for Goal for building advanced recommender systems for the PyTorch open source machine learning framework. These recommender systems promote personalization in many of the company’s products. Goal.


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